Thursday, March 19, 2015

Is [TRX] breakout signaling that the next wave up for M+M has begun?

In the backlink I provided the model below.

The reason that I provided the blue model above is that center channel is one of the likely ending locations for the 5th wave of a falling wedge and this one has been a doozy.  Today's 25% pop in TRX looks an awful lot to me like a break of that top rail "with gusto" which I have been expecting to occur as a sign that the reversal was in progress.

Folks, TRX will not be going up solo.  It is the weakest of the weak and if it is catching a short covering bid by those who believe gold is about to begin a big wave up then JNUG and GDXJ will not be far behind.  As usual, NEVER chase a spike and ONLY buy the 3 wave a-b-c dip and always use stops if you have any real skin in the game.  Even after the ~50% move up of the past couple days, at the current price of 45 cents, TRX is like a very cheap, highly leveraged non-expiring call option on precious metals. 

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