Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Liberals are overtly distancing themselves from King Dicktator Obama

Liberal dem Joe Liberman has put himself on the public record as saying he thinks Obama should not used fake assumed presidential powers in order to pen a deal with his Iranian pals regarding nuclear energy.  I think Uncle Joe knows which way the wind is blowing - from the conservative south - and he wants to be seen as a moderate dem.  Not that he really cares about anything except staying in power mind you, but he has weighed the option of backing Dicktator Obama or backing the constitution and the rule of law and he has chosen to defy his master and to side with the awakening population.  This is not a surprise to me and in fact it supports my world view about the major change that is now underway in America.

If he continues to do as his handlers demand then Obama might get removed from the presidency before his term is up.  There could be a major shakeup in American politics before the collapse of the global debt Ponzi is over and in fact the odds favor something major like that happening.

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