Wednesday, March 25, 2015


For decades, serial rapist Bill Cosby charmed America with his stupid mindless comedy.  I personally never "got" Cosby and I always wondered why so many thought he was funny in the same way I never understood the ascension of Oprah (who is also going down in a fiery ball before the credit collapse is over IMO).  While people were enamored by him, all of his rapes went unnoticed even though at least some of the drugged and raped victims had in fact complained.  It was another case of Carlins "...but nobody seemed to notice, nobody seemed to care" observation.  At the same time, nobody has forgotten.  It was all just pent up waiting for the right time for the skeletons to come tumbling out (just as I predicted well in advance would happen to many famous and influential people as the debt Ponzi collapse played out).

I think it is becoming Hillary's turn to be exposed for the corrupt liberal elite that she in fact is.  Clueless liberal hero worship dems still have not given up on her but I have been clear on the matter: the Navarone effect spider cracks on Hillary have likely reached critical mass and pretty soon she will be "Cosbyed".  In other words, everyone will turn on her at once.  The major cracks that are visible are:
But these are just the obvious problems.  On an Navarone effect basis I believe there are other spider cracks / skeletons which will eventually tumble out of corrupt Hillary's closet including:
“She’s probably eaten more pussy than I have.”
--Bill Clinton.

[Source: Gennifer Flowers, Passion and Betrayal, p.42]
Time will tell but Hillary Clinton personifies socialist liberal elitism and the herd has just declared open hunting season on that.  Eventually it will grow into a war on liberals.  We Americans love our wars, don't we?  I don't give very good odds to her political survival.  IMO, she is low hanging fruit (no pun intended) as a candidate to be thrown under the bus.  I wish I had more metaphors to mix here.  Give me some time and I'm sure I will find them.

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