Sunday, March 15, 2015

[$DJT] at threat of heading toward Dow Theory sell confirmation

Don't look now but the 120 minute chart of the Dow Jones Transports (below) was unable to make a higher high like the DJIA did.  It put in a short stroke 5th, very bearish.  IF $DJT.X goes below 8575, every single trading computer on the planet will realize it and react accordingly.  That will be a Dow Theory sell signal.

Too many things are lining up this time folks. Higher interest rates coupled with record optimism leading to record margin debt all while the labor force shrinks due to people becoming discouraged about getting a job (or just too lazy or just too coddled by the US socialist con game).

Credit spreads are widening again.  Liquidity crisis will happen in the not distant future.  Anyone who thinks banks are a safe place to keep large amounts of cash in so going to regret it.  The US will mos def see massive bank runs this time folks.  The fed is out of gas.  The fed is dead.  Yellen is the disposable fed.

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