Sunday, March 29, 2015

Conservative surge in French exit polls.

Today the Firefox BBC news plugin flashed this interesting teaser:

The corresponding article strongly suggests a change is neigh for management of liberal central (AKA France).  Socialism has provided too many "rights" to the consumers of that country, all at the expense of the producers.  As a result, the producers have gotten overwhelmed and beaten down with liberal socialist policies, laws and public sentiment.

Many producers in France are tired of this.  The Farmers have been protesting artificially low prices for milk and other produce for a long time now.  The bureaucratic parasites have completely infested that country and the people there have two and only two choices: get rid of them or eventually collapse.

Of course, the herd doesn't change direction without some impetus and the fact is that France is already in a notable decline.  Some kind of major collapse is already baked into the French cake.  I still remember the days when people would talk about the power players in Europe as being "Germany and France".  But this stopped about 1.5-2 years ago.  Now it's all Germany this, Germany that.  France is no longer even an honorable mention in the power pyramid.  This is all the sign that you need to know in assessing the real decline of France and it is a lot worse than meets the eye.

Before the collapse of the Global Debt Ponzi, a term which I have always loved because of the associated acronym "GDP", people will not be talking about PIIGS as much as they will be talking about the creditors to PIIGS.  In other words, France and Germany, in that order, will also swirl the bowl.  They "sold" things to PIIGS who cannot repay.  What cannot happen will not happen and when the PIIGS default, which they eventually must, France and Germany will finally be understood for what they really are which is the key operators of the European vendor finance scam.  All that stuff they "sold" to deadbeats was never really sold.  It was given to the consumers of other countries so that French and German oligarchs could claim they were industrial geniuses and thus deserving of billions in personal wealth.

Now here is wisdom for those who can think:  Those oligarchs did not build the stuff that was "sold" to the PIIGS.  It was the French and German people who did the work.  Generally when you work to build something you should get the benefit of it and when you don't then something is very wrong.  The net effect is to swindle you out of your labor which is a form of slavery.

French and German workers did not receive the products they built.  Those products were shipped to people in other countries while the French and German corporations received IOUs (called Euros) in return. 
  •  Update: Thinking people will want to know this: how did those foreigners actually end up with the products?  By what mechanism were they not only not consumed by those who produced them locally but in fact made even more expensive by the act of having to export them?  The answer is simple: manufacturers wanted to charge high prices but the German and French people could not pay the asking price.  So cheap credit was offered to deadbeat PIIGS and of course at that point no price was too high to ask - there would always be someone who would borrow the money to acquire the goods because the "buyers" never had any ability or intention to repay.  This chased the prices of these German and French goods up and kept them out of the hands of locals who would not go into massive debt in order to afford them.  This is the scam of a fractionally reserved money supply.  It allows the economically dead to vote on the market price of goods and services not just at par with the economically living but in fact to have a much larger say in the matter.  In this way it is no different than political socialism and in fact the two concepts are highly related and in fact mutually required.
 These corporations ran up big debts creating even more production capacity to serve foreign customers who could only consume using debt.  Now they are in debt to the gills and cannot afford to service the existing debt, much less take on new debt.  At some point this will be realized as a massive reduction in consumption which will kill the corporations which grew up on the backs of this artificially enabled consumption.  That is when the oligarchs of Germany and France will have the massive layoffs of their workers and then themselves eventually default on the loans that financed all that foreign consumption.  The governments of France and Germany will then bail out the banks which loaned all this money.  So the people of France and Germany will not receive the products but they will eventually end up paying the bill.  Payments of this magnitude are never made in real money but rather in blood and terror.  There will be wars to settle who owes what while the corrupt banking elite laugh at the sheeple for not figuring it all out.

This is at least how the elite all hope it will work out.  They hope that they can distract people with wars against a trumped up enemy so that the people will mindlessly follow in the name of security.  But wars are liberal in nature and true conservatism will reject them.  I sense a global wave of conservatism underway and so I have some hope that the people will not fall into the same traps as have worked so many times before.  Remember folks, every motive wave, after 5 waves up, has at least 3 corrective waves.  And when the correction begins, it is sometimes very difficult to tell if it is a correction or a major trend reversal.  They typical thinking is to assume it is only a pause in a larger trend but the more people who believe this is the case, the more likely that it is actually a reversal.  I am seeing early signs of a serious trend reversal in global liberalism and so I have hope that instead of being tricked into wars with other people that the people will instead begin a war on their own liberal leaders.

The recent headlines from France support this emerging new perspective.

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Augustine said...

"Some kind of major collapse is already baked into the F̶r̶e̶n̶c̶h̶ ̶c̶a̶k̶e̶ g√Ęteau."

There, fixed it for you. :-D

Indeed, my prayer is that we the people will rise up to take down this structure of oppression known as the nation state.

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