Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Female cop charged with homocide for murdering unarmed man

In the "It comes as no surprise to me" category, today's news brings with it the high profile case of a female cop who is being charged with homocide for shooting a man to death in the performance of her duties.  The summary is simple:  The cop pulled a guy over for some silly expired inspection sticker.  The guy decided he didn't want to talk to her for whatever reason so he sped off in his car but then was tracked down to his sister's house.  After all, we can't let anyone off of the expired sticker infraction, can we?

In any case, the man then tried to make a run on foot but the lady cop tagged him with her TASER and he fell face down in the snow on the lawn.  She then tried to gain control of him but he was more interested in pulling the TASER barbs from his back (even though apparently still face down on the lawn).  At this point, the elite cop apparently got tired of the game, pulled out her service weapon and pumped not one but two bullets into his back at close range.  You have to wonder what mindset a person has to do something like this.  It cannot be far from "Useless eater, I said stop and you didn't stop.  Don't you know I have God-like powers of life and death over anyone I encounter?  Here is some hot lead to heat you up on the cold snow!".

Seriously, what does it take to just execute someone like that in cold blood?  Now, to those who will say "he should have just complied", my response is "Apparently so!  The penalty for not doing so was to be killed in cold blood!  That fool should have known that cops have been conditioned to kill at the slightest provocation, be it from man, woman, child or dog.  Any encounter with the police can quickly turn deadly if they simply just don't like you."

The police have been taught to place a high value on their own elite lives and almost zero value on the lives of everyone else.  It's not just training, it's conditioning.  It's a way of life.  It's in fact a code: absolute control must be maintained at all times by any means.  There is no such thing as a tactical retreat.  "We are LEOs, they are livestock, period".

Of course, when she did it she clearly knew that she could get in trouble for it so she trumped up some bullshit story about him reaching into his pockets, probably for a gun which he did not have.  If you wipe sweat off your face, that goes down in the report as you reaching for a gun.  If you scratch your balls, the report states that the officer feared you probably had a gun hidden in there.  If you blink too rapidly because you are nervous being around killer cops then you are likely planning how to kill them.  All of these bullshit excuses have been valid excuses for cops killing unarmed people over the past 30+ years.

But now those days are ending.  This BART cop committed a nearly identical murder.  They almost succeeded in getting him off of all charges but because of the number of video cameras present and because of the public uproar it caused, he got 2 years for a crime that would have put me on death row here in Texas.  That was in 2011.  No way is this female cop getting off so lightly.  I give her 50/50 chance of suicide because if not she is going to jail for 20 to life.  Not because her murder was worse than that done by the BART cop but rather because a new conservative wave is sweeping the herd and no longer will police be able to do whatever they want to without getting called down for it. 

These signals are going out across society and they will slowly change the way that the police operate.  The new signal is that the easy cover ups that they used to have access to by the system are no longer available.  The street cops will be shocked and personally terrified by this.  Why??  Because these morons actually believe that they are part of the elite.  They do not realize that "the help" is not part of "the family" no matter how much the family convinces them that they are when times are good.  That is like a corporation talking about employees as "family" right up until the day of the mass layoff. 

At some point, those at the top will simply deem it too much political risk to get involved and so they will throw their minions under the bus.  Those at the top will empathize with the people in order to garner favor.  It's already happening right this very second in NY city.  This is, as I explained well in advance of all the current circumstances, simply to be expected because all organized crime goes through the same stage as its cycle of terror comes to an end.  The herd is no longer letting LEOs pick off the weak and young and old and infirmed without a fight.  It's become personal to too many "nothing left to losers".  Much of my insights come by standing on the shoulder of others and this insight was based on a combination of Prechter who taught me that humans are a herding species (one of the most important things I have ever learned...) and Gerald Celente whose tag line is 'when people lose everything and feel they have nothing left to lose, they "lose it".

I am on clear record telling the police exactly where they stood.  For example, in this post from August of 2014 I wrote,"

Now the credit is peaking and you are finding out that some of the things you were told by your leadership were lies.  Prepare to be further disappointed, disillusioned and demoralized because the revelations have just begun. You are under the control of an unholy alliance of liberal powers whose only energy source was the growth of the money supply through ever increasing debt.  The undertaking of new debt is how you have been paid all this time and now that this is drying up you can only expect your numbers to decrease, your pay to become capped and your retirement benefits to be slashed and eventually converted into a 401k deal where you will be trapped in the inflation scam like the rest of us.  Expect more prosecutions of police, less backing of your corrupt actions from above and the eventual culling of those in your ranks who are pumped up on steroids.
Now is the time to realize these truths.  Now is the time to understand that taxpayers are your bosses and that you cannot be our masters.  You are either our good servants or you can go look for other employment.  You either begin to care about people - really care - or we will weed you out.  Look for us to come after your corrupt bosses.  We know who they are and we are working toward their downfall and replacement.  It's time to cross the blue line and bring down your fellow officers who are corrupt.  "Go along to get along" is no longer a winning game plan.  The two level justice system must collapse into a single set of laws that apply equally to police and to citizens.  Get right with the people, mend those fences that you have broken.  Give respect and then you shall receive it.  You cannot demand respect first!  You must earn it like the rest of us have to.  In short, return to being a human. 
You can take this as advice.
You can take it as a warning.
You can take it as a promise.

All three of the above statements are applicable now that the great global debt Ponzi is entering into the collapse stage.


This is far from the only time I have laid it out plain and simple like that.  For any cops reading this, do yourself and your cop friends a huge favor: consider the logic of what I am writing for it is offered in order to educate you so that you might move away from your elitist conditioning before you get in trouble!  These points are all you have to know:
  • You are not elite, you never were.  You are servants in the house of the elite; the maid and butler and gardener can put on airs and be high and mighty above others they meet on the street only so long as the real monied elite have extended a protective umbrella over them.  This works until it doesn't!  The umbrella is nearly invisible; most people outside of it cannot tell that it is in place and those living within it similarly don't see immediately when it has been lifted.  The shield is no longer in place cops.  Your special place now lives only in your mind.  Time to get over it.
  • The elite do not want to throw you under the bus.  They liked having a mercenary force which was paid for by someone else.  However, the mechanism of payment was not taxation as you might believe; it was the assumption of debt.  With the new conservative wave going though the USA, people are becoming less and less enamored with debt based consumption.  In short, the debt based money used to pay you and to buy protection for you along with the debts promised to you in the form of pensions, etc. are all drying up.  The elite are throwing you under the bus in order to save themselves from the wrath of the people.
  • At the end of the day, all future value comes from labor of man and that means labor of people.  You know, those people.  The ones you refer to as useless eaters.  IF you want to get ahead going forward, STOP SUCKING UP to the elite and instead focus your positive attentions on your real masters which are the people.  I don't care if you don't like this.  Truth does not care if people's opinions don't agree with it.  Truth is truth.  Those who figure this out the quickest will fare the best.  Additionally, you should be pissed at those who are now happily betraying you so the right thing to do is to confess your sins to the people and then spill your guts on where the skeletons are buried.
  • Most of the wealth of the monied elite is paper wealth.  When the monetary system collapses (and it eventually will), their wealth will collapse as well.  They cannot convert their wealth to real goods without causing hyperinflation.  It really is as simple as that.  So don't just sit there and hope for the best; that will make you stupider than the stupidest street person whose throat your boots have rested upon.  Get away from the elite and side with the people BEFORE the elite house comes down around you and you will end up much better off than if you had failed to heed my advice and warnings.
  • Right now we are in a societal justice limbo between courts beginning to handle the issues of police oversteps and of vigilantes doing it outside the courts.  The best case for police would be a rash of high profile convictions of police for doing crimes, killing people, laundering money, consorting with drug lords, etc.  But that generally does not happen in these cases to the degree needed in order to satisfy the blood lust of the angry and impoverished herd.  What usually happens is that the people arise up in critical mass and go on a massive killing spree of the oligarchs and their henchmen.  It's called a pitchfork revolution and US society is a stone's throw from seeing it.  I don't hope for it to happen; lots of good lives will be lost and lots of property damage will be done if it occurs.  Generally, but not always, those really big assholes at the top who really deserve street justice see it in coming advance and they flee because they have the means to do so.  But you enforcers?  You are left to deal with the angry mobs.  More to the point, you will be left to the mercy of same.  If rule of law breaks down like this, where will you run to?  Do you think you can really stand up to a herd of raging water buffalo?  Really???  Do you know how many AR15s and bullet proof vests now exist in the hands of the people?  Do you know how many rounds of ammo many people have stockpiled?  Forget the 10:1 force ratio that you are used to getting in your encounters with the people.  If the people rise up in unison the force multiple will be 50:1 AGAINST you.  Your elite bosses will not save you from this!  They won't even try.  They will be too busy fueling up the Learjet.  They will be too busy giving your commanders the orders that you grunts should fight to the last man.  All I can say is change course, and do it now, for the people neither fear nor respect you anymore.   Again, this is on you; you did this.  Only you can fix it before there is real trouble.  But if you let it get that far, there will be no fixing it, there will only be resolution of it.  I'm an odds guy; I like to keep on top of the odds.  And I don't like your odds at all if you let it come to a pitchfork revolution.


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