Saturday, March 21, 2015

A new world order but not quite what Bush 1 had imagined.

This does not bode well for the perpetual hegemony of the US dollar and the con men who have been controlling it.  Right now China is also a debt Ponzi and yes much of their debt spend was wasted on things that were not economically viable including empty cities and empty shopping malls and theme parks.  But if the global economic system is destined to collapse anyway, why not keep unemployment down while creating these items?  Eventually they will be used by someone even if the current owners BK and it all reverts to government control as government steps in to bail out the insolvent Chinese banks.

At the end of the day, the global herd will follow whoever offers it the best deal.  A big part of this is about who can produce the best goods at lowest cost.  China has a clear advantage here.  While China was pissing away a lot of debt money building real estate to nowhere, the US was spending even more with endless wars to nowhere.  What would you rather have?  The Chinese real estate will eventually be there for someone in China to use but useless US wars produce nothing but pain and misery.

I have always been amazed at the number of people who accept war as normal yet many of these morons will worry about CA running out of water going into 2017 (thus collapsing its fresh produce production)…

The morons who think it is OK to spend trillions fighting trumped up wars in foreign lands could have had a solar powered RO system AND water deliver across America for that kind of jack.  A plentiful supply of clean water is real security, real safety.  Instead, we have decreased safety after having pissed the rest of the world off with all these wars.

If this sounds fanciful, consider that 20% of Israel was serviced with clean desalinated seawater by a 500mn investment:

So, $2.5 bn for all of Israel could get clean, fresh water.  That is about 8 mn people.  The USA has about 318 mn people, roughly 40x as many.  So, all of the US could get fresh water for 40x $2.5bn.  $100bn total, problem solved!  $100bn is about what the military industrial complex consumes per month and we get nothing from it.  We piss away $100bn like it was nothing.  Why can’t Americans do simple economic math?

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Augustine said...

Why, because of public schools which teach football and masturbation, but only pays lip service to reading, writing, arithmetic, science.

But I digress. The really telling development is that even the American vassal states, including those which do the dirty work of America, are nodding at the AIIB in spite of heavy handed lobbying and open protest against it by the US (v. ).

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