Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Corrupt US government about to reneg on sweetheart wrongdoing settlements.

Ike warned us not to let the military industrial complex not get undue political power.  We the people failed to listen while things seemed to be going our way.  And so government, military, corporations and banks ganged up against the people in a historical sort of way.  Now the people are falling like a rock, the middle class is all but wiped out and the government has the audacity to declare unemployment is only 5.5 % (cough cough) based on - get this - not counting people who want work but got discouraged and so gave up looking.  Talk about spin.

While the liberal con was in the growth stages the corruption went wild but "...nobody seemed to notice, nobody seemed to care".  I predicted well in advance of the fact that when the times got hard, the sheeple would suddenly not be so stupid or passive or easily conned and that without easy Marks and Patsies to fleece, government would turn against its co-conspirators just as always happens in the final phase of a criminal enterprise just before it collapses.  The economic reasons for the collapse are simple: corruption and crime is parasitic and it ain't cheap.  Criminals are criminals because they want to get paid.  They also take extra risks (although in the end phases of the crime wave they forget that they are doing so because, having gotten away with so much for so long, they come to feel entitled.).  At some point, Mark and Patsy have been fleeced of everything while the remainder of the people begin to protect themselves much better.  Thus, there is less and less to go around for the "crimelite".  The parasites effectively kill off all those who are easy targets for their con and then the parasites begin infighting for the remaining scraps.

So, that was a major prediction, a sign that the end times of this Ponzi are in full swing.  Well, today's news story is yet more clear evidence that this is happening.  The title is "US may revoke settlement agreements in currency rigging probes".  So basically, the government needed a few bucks some time ago and so it went after the banks for doing what they had gotten away with doing all this time.  The government didn't want to kill these banks, it just wanted to shake them down.  It cared if they survived because each crime committed by banks is a potential payday for government con men down the road.  IF all the banks were forced into honesty, where would the next payday come from?  Taxes?  Oh, right!  They would have to triple our overt taxes to make up for revenue lost by the hidden tax of systemic corruption.  Overt taxes cause riots. 

In any case, the government settled with the banks and the banks chocked it up as paying tribute to Cesar / cost of doing business.  But now the government has decided that those prior payments might not have been asking for enough and so.  Since the people can't be fleeced, it's time to create a war on corruption.  Except that instead of looking at internal corruption, the government will now only look externally: banks that are manipulating things, corporations which are dodging taxes and violating child labor laws in 3rd world labor camps, lies by big pharma on the efficacy of their drugs (anyone taking Lipitor is a complete fool IMO - taking dangerous remedies that might change the number being tracked which we were sold as being an indicator (cholesterol) only to find out it is bullshit.), etc.  The list is long.  The eye wasn't just turned blind, it was carved out with a grapefruit spoon.  No amount of illegal, immoral shit was too big to allow.  That is all going to unwind now folks.

First the US government is focusing on foreign banks like UBS and Barclay's just like they focused on punishing BP for its Gulf spill while letting Exxon off the hook on a relative basis over the Valdez incident.  But foreigners are not defenseless in this matter and they are now scrambling to align with China's up and coming entry into the global banking scam.  China, you see, is not threatening to fine anyone for anything.  China is trying to gain support and global standing whereas the criminals in the US government are trying to monetize existing support and standing.  You can't screw your criminal pals too many times before they gang up and whack you.

It's one thing to screw helpless citizens.  It is a whole 'nother thing to go after the rich and powerful.  They will not just roll over.  People will literally begin dying over this kind of thing when one king begins overt war against another.  Did Al Capone just sit there and take it when one of his "business associates" tried to rip him off?  Of course not and no it won't be different this time.  Organized crime is organized crime.

A word to the wise.  When elephants wrestle you don't want to be in the ring with them.  Do what it takes to separate yourself from the collapsing criminal cartel known as the military industrial complex.  At some point they will drop all pretense of caring about anyone but themselves and they will come straight at anyone who appears to have anything to take.  Don't make it easy for them by storing your retirement money in their system.  Pensions are at ever-increasing risk of not be paid as the sheeple are beginning to find out and bank deposits will be confiscated when banks BK.  You are no longer a depositor.  You are just another unsecured creditor so get in line.  It happened first in Cyprus but now also in Spain and its going to be a global bloodbath before this is over.

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