Tuesday, March 24, 2015

[JDST] update

JNUG/GDXJ are likely near the end of wave 1 bounce up which follows a long sell off.  That suggests that a deep vee 2nd is possible.

At the same time, JDST suggests that it is likely about to begin tracing out E of 4 per below.  This could also be E of B but for now that doesn't really matter yet.

While the range of the expected rally is pretty well understood, we can't know that the D wave is fully in yet.  I see a W3 per the model from the backlink but the bounce after that was muted compared to the model.  However, the chart did form an inclining double bottom so that could be an important hint.

Note that this does not have to go all the way to the top of the channel and it doesn't have to throw over but I suspect that it likely will.  After so many false starts in gold, everyone is now afraid of it.  So until the herd sees some support hold we should expect it to remain nervous on the miners.

IF this bounces per the model, breaks out the top rail and then breaks back into the channel, all I can say is buy the miner of your choice and hold on for a wild ride.  That would be a high odds setup to go long metals and miners for huge gains.

As this plays out, think to yourself: how much is this knowledge worth?  Maybe the answer is "zero".  In any case, the free service provided here must soon come to an end.  I'll provide details on my subscription model service as it gets nearer to coming online.  The initial, functional but simple version is about half done at this point.

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