Thursday, March 19, 2015

[DJIA] update - big picture

During the 5th wave move up after the 4th wave HT that I suggested could be in play as far back as January of this year, the chart crossed above the center tine of Andrew's pirchfork.  After that wave peaked, the center line was lost to the down side and a very important lower support line (green) was tested.  Of course, we would not expect wave 1 to just smash everything.  That is the role of a 3rd wave and after such a dramatic pump job - completely unprecedented in the history of mankind - I would expect the breakdown to be rather dramatic in nature.  It should be a clear signal to the herd that "folks, we're down northing and now it's time to move south".

While the light yellow path is possible, I made it faint in direct relationship with the low odds that ascribe to it occurring.  But impossible?  NO.  How can any amount of insanity be counted out in a financial environment where gold is hated and fake paper money is sought after by all means - lying, cheating, stealing, murder; it is all happening in the name of Mammon Money.  When honest truth tellers are ridiculed and obvious liars and con men are uplifted there is no certainty in anything.  It's only the wave count that is telling me that the con is long in the tooth.

Bottom line is that I model a strong reversal downward soon that should shock the markets.  My long-awaited 500+ point loss day on the DOWn.  It will likely include a big gap - several percent at least - which breaks major support.  None of this is of course guaranteed and we still have to play the waves day by day until the new pattern is firmly established but the odds are piling up against the con men and they will soon be drowned as a massive conservative waves breaks over the top of them.

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