Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ron Reagan is not afraid to burn in Hell and he wants you to know that.

This one comes under the category of rotsa ruck Chuck.  Someone paid the useless nobody who goes by the name of Ron Reagan to prostitute his dad's name for a few bucks made while supporting the liberal agenda.  How's that working for you Ron?  Too bad you don't read my blog or you would have realized that the liberal agenda has peaked and is now in decline.

Had you known this you could have realigned yourself in your dad's conservative image (note I did not say conservative reality - Reagan racked up debt and that forever pegs him as a flaming liberal underneath a conservative veneer).  Had you done that, someone might have listened to you.  Instead, you are just pathetic.  Go get a job sweeping Wal-mart or something like that which you are likely skilled to do (he was a Yale dropout).

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