Monday, March 23, 2015

Ted Cruz formalizes bid for president.

Today's news says that Cruz announced his bid for 2016 president.  But I think the real question is likely "do we care"?

Early on, when things were going badly for liberalism in general, Cruz sounded OK.  But the more I heard from him, the more skeptical  I have become.

Some time ago I posted what I thought was the game being played on us.  It follows a war movie script (still can't recall the name of the movie, darn it) where one of the guys on jungle patrol was good at laying out Claymore mines in such a way that the blast from one of them would send the enemy patrol which tripped it scurrying away from the blast and into the trip wire of the next Claymore trap.

By the end of Clinton's presidency you could just feel the oozy slime coming out of the white house.  Clinton was a national embarrassment, the very picture of liberal elitism.  Everyone wanted done with him.  As the herd ran away from him, Dubya was propped up and made to look conservative.  Of course, he wasn't.  He just racked up more debt in favor of the already wealthy, sat there as a puppet while his handlers orchestrated 911, and again stretched the global credibility of the USA to the breaking point.

The herd was done with Bush's wars and with heavy handed "if you ain't with us you is again' us" bullshit and so out of nowhere popped Barry Obama, a completely unknown Senator from the original home of organized crime in the US, the joke state of Illin'Noise.  He was propped up in front of us with all kinds of big name backers including Buffett and Oprah.  Of course, anyone with a brain should have known he was just another puppet con man, another political Claymore if you will, shoved down the throat of America.  Anyone with a law degree from old Skull and Bones Harvard is likely corrupt and in bed with the con men running the show.

So now we are all tired of Barry's liberal oversteps, copious use of executive orders instead of constitutionally created laws, the more than doubling of the US debt from Bush 2's massive $8 trillion number to the current joke number of $18 trillion.  Barry also continued wars around the world, failed to close Guantanamo torture center, opened our borders to anyone who could walk and resided over the longest stint of virtually free money lending ever seen in the world.  Oh yeah, and he nationalized the health care system in his socialistic dystopian nightmare.  And let's not forget the questions about his citizenship.  I don't know if he is a valid US citizen or not but I do know that the globalists want us to downplay our national identity and to accept rule from people who are not Americans.  You don't just do this all at once folks, you have to turn the heat up slowly on the frog or it will jump out of the pot.

And so now, as shown many times in these pages, even those who voted for him understand they got conned and many are doing the mea culpa dance because of it.  But the real question will be whether or not they have learned anything and I believe the answer is no.  Why?  Because people do not understand what the words liberal and conservative actually mean.

Before he got elected, Obama was all about the constitution.  He was like Alan Greenspan was before the fed got its hooks into him.  He said correct, truthful things which one does not need to attend Harvard to understand.  But as soon as his ascension to power was dictated, he forgot all his fake principles (you cannot have any once the Skull and Bones has their hooks into you) and sold us all down the socialist river.

I suspect that Cruz is the same.  We are being chased into his arms.  The evidence strongly suggests that Hillary has no chance anymore.  The powers that be sacrificed her on the alter of public anger and her dead political body is now rolling under the bus.  Stranger things have happened but I think those running the show want the herd to run away from the obvious liberal danger into a new Claymore so that it can be detonated in our faces.  Overt liberalism must now take a back seat to covert liberalism.

Ted Cruz has a law degree from Harvard where he participated in local theater.  He was a staunch supporter of dictator GW Bush.  His Stepford Wife, Heidi Nelson Cruz is a managing director at Goldman Sachs.   Yes, really.  In fact, she is now distancing herself from that banker on the very day that Teddy announced is candidacy.  Who quits their cushy job at Goldman?  Well, someone who has been promised the pResidency I reckon.  Ted met Heidi while working on the GW Bush campaign.

Blacks were feeling disenfranchised under Bush and so the powers that be mocked up puppet Obama to be their savior.  Blacks are now turning on him in an unprecedented fashion.  They have figured out that his is an Uncle Tom establishment puppet.  But now that Obama let in a big number of hispanics immigrants I guess it is time to uplift a hispanic.  Cruz also has the "credential" of questionable national ties.  Until recently, he had dual citizenship with Canada which he gave up in order to run for El Presidente.  Nothing against Canucks!!  But I find it interesting that the only Hispanic that has been lifted up for us to "choose" from has multinational citizenship ties like that.  Maybe it is a coincidence except for the fact that I don't believe in them.

So again, here is what I expect from Cruz should he get elected:
  • more foreign wars of aggression in the name of keeping us safe at home.
  • more debt based running of the government, of the economy, of everything.
  • breaking all his important campaign promises.
  • more concentration of power.
  • lots of talk about freedom and privacy while reducing both.
I hope I turn out to be wrong about Ted Cruz but if I am then I am quite sure he will not be sElected. If Cruz doesn't want to play their game then the powers that be will just find some other sell out.  I wonder how long it will be until we start hearing of some type of Cruz involvement with Eugenics, Planned Parenthood and of course, that prerequisite of entry into the elite club, pedophilia.   Here is yet another One World leader, Putin, being accused of same.  I wonder when the people of the world are going to figure out what is really going on.  I wonder how many more Claymore mines to the face we have to endure before the people put a stop to this obvious global con job.

One thing I know for a fact and do not wonder about at all: there is one and only one way to stop it and to regain something more than the Freedom Theater which we have right now and that is to stop using their fake money.  Whoever issues the fake money is the master of whoever accepts it, period.  A lot of retiring US boomers are going to find this out the hard way.

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