Friday, March 27, 2015

Liberal traitor Harry Reid retires.

Experienced politicians are nothing more than con men which can "reid" the writing on the wall and today's news shows that Harry Reid is one of them.  He announced today that he will not be running for office again.  Of course, he has a bunch of face saving reasons for this "decision" but the truth is that after Bundy Ranch and after getting his name removed from his Alma Mater and after the drubbing that the libdems took in November, the writing was on the wall.  I even called him out by name as someone who I thought would not seek re-election in this post.

It's not that Harry Reid has decided to save us from more of his crap.  No, folks, the truth is that the big money needed to fund his campaign has evaporated.  Reid has been put out to pasture by the big money powers that really run the show.  He is no longer considered a good bet at the polls.  When Harry Reid's little BLM army got forced off the Bundy ranch at Militia gunpoint, he ranted that "this isn't over".   I responded that "oh yes it was" because I know that in the USA might makes right and the government stood face to face with its own citizens who were armed, pissed and not afraid to have an armed conflict.  That was a much more important event in US history than many give it credit for.  That was a wake up call to government that the "stupid sheeple useless eaters" were in fact capable, both physically and mentally, of defending themselves from government money and power and land grabs.

Bye bye Harry Reid, you traitor!

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