Monday, March 23, 2015

China demands a seat at the adult table.

Today's article shows China "asking" for permission of the IMF to include the Yuan in the basket of currencies which will be used to form the new global money called SDRs (Special Drawing Rights).  So we can see that everything is being lined up for when the global economic collapse occurs and everyone is set up to re-start the fake money debt Ponzi with New World Bucks.  Of course, the article makes it sound like China is asking permission of the US controlled IMF here but of course the truth is that they are demanding permission.  They probably accompanied this "request" with the threat of dumping US bonds, publicly revealing everything which they and Russia recently claimed to know about the US government involvement in 911, and the threat of a gold backed Yuan.  They have spent a lot of time building up to this point where they could make the credible demand and now they will not be denied.  They have everything in place that they need to demand equal treatment.

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