Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Here come the skeletons...

An article over at Sheeple today discusses the formation of an empowered tribunal (which will will eventually turn into something of a witch hunt IMO) to go hunt down those involved in pedophilia in Great Britain which happened in the 1980s.  Of course, it is still happening today in G.B. and everywhere else - it is in fact an essential part of the "club" which high end elites belong to.  I've known about this for some time but have only begun writing about it more lately because I sensed that more of this kind of skeleton, or Skull and Bones if you will, was going to come tumbling out of the closet as the debt Ponzi collapses.

Notice the large number of politicians invoved in this: "In July 2014 Peter Mckelvie, a whistleblower who kicked off UK police pedophile probe Operation Fernbridge, disclosed a list compiled by police of current and former politicians suspected of participating in the child sex abuse.  He revealed that as many as 40 British MPs and peers either knew about or took part in the Westminster “pedophile ring.”

One should ask why all this is suddenly being pursued.  Why now?  Yes, it is just as I stated, all these past crimes will now be monetized by the current administration as political capital to prove that they care about the people.  The current pedophiles will mostly be left alone, it is those who are now old and out of politics who will be dredged up for this since a) they are now politically toothless and b) they are of no longer any use to the corrupt system and so might as well get the last ounce of value out of them by all means possible.

Not that they shouldn't hang for their crimes but if all this was happening in the 80s do we really think it stopped and is not happening now?  I say to look at the accusers first for wrongdoing because it is an old trick for one mobster to accuse and rat out another if he thinks it will throw justice off his trail.

By the way, this is not specific to G.B.  It is global and all elite insiders are involved or they do not get to stay elite.  The information has been out there for a long time but "nobody seemed to notice, nobody seemed to care".  That is going to change, I assure you, as the elite scramble like cockroaches after the light gets switched on.  Those who are exposed will turn state's evidence on their cohorts.  There is only honor among thieves when the trust Ponzi is on the upswing but all that will go out the window once the trust Ponzi collapses.

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