Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Obama's "hero warrior" Bergdahl is formally being charged with desertion.

Over the past 3+ years, Obama was especially desperate to be seen supporting Muslims.  I guess his handlers thought it would be divisive to America and thus drive people away from him as his term ends into the arms of the next awaiting con man (likely a fake conservative IMO at this point). 

In any case, Obama decided have his minions paint Bowe Bergdahl's repatriation as the return of a hero who served with honor and distinction.  Obama went so far as to trade 5 Gitmo terrorists for him without consulting Congress and then  to receive Bergdahl's Muslim family into the Rose Garden of the White House.  Bergdahl's muslim father even got a public podium to issue a Muslim blessing in Arabic no less which, of course, would have been shouted down had it been Christian instead of Muslim. 

Obama made a big public spectacle of it even though Bergdahl was a known army deserter and someone who reportedly caused the deaths of and injuries to those who were tasked with chasing his useless ass down.

In a clear show that the liberal agenda is dying, the Army has now formally charged "hero Bergdahl" with desertion and other military crimes.

As a Libertarian, it's not that I don't mind if other people are Muslims, it's that I don't care.  At all.  It simply does not play AT ALL into my thought processes.  Religious choice is one's right, one's personal decision, period.  It is neither good nor bad in my view, it  simply "is".  So I don't have any dog in the Muslim vs. Christian vs. Jew game.  I'm just reporting what I see and what I see is that someone is trying to incite religious hate within the US.  They are going out of their way and controlling their little sock puppets to do it.

This whole thing is completely scripted IMO, it's like a bad movie script.  I don't understand how anyone can see all this and not feel completely manipulated for a purpose by it all.  I guess G23 Pax has that effect on most people.

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