Sunday, March 15, 2015

Texas Senate to consider open carry bill next week.

Flash email from the NRA:


I think that the chances have never been better for this to finally happen in TX.  If passed I will be wearing my nine wherever I go in public that does not ban it. Other states are going further to restore citizen rights in a bid to attract the best and the brightest freedom loving citizens of the USA.  For example, Kansas is considering permitless carry.  In other words, no more asking permission from government to practice the 2nd.


I think the best way to describe all of what is happening along these lines is as an escalating bidding war for people.  The con men running the show tried to devalue productive labor while the fake money was flowing.  The old and infirmed were elevated above the young and strong because in this way government could control everyone.  But all future value comes from human production and the young and strong and intelligent are the most productive.  So governments are now playing the beggar thy neighbor game with fellow states.  This state offers more freedoms like reduced gun laws while that one decriminalizes pot whereas this other one lowers taxes while the next one puts the clamp down on the police state.  None of this is arbitrary, all was predicted well in advance in these pages.  This is why I always described the collapse of the debt Ponzi as a healing even though it will not be fun.  Withdrawal sickness is not fun.

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