Monday, March 23, 2015

Buffett suddenly interested in selling US stocks to foreigners.

In today's article, Warren Buffett goes on record telling foreign investors to "join in with us" on all the fun and profits of the US stock markets.  Gee, I wonder why Buffett suddenly has taken up the role of stock salesman?  He has been very conservative over the years in this regard, sticking to his own knitting and not paying too much attention to what anyone else did or did not do.  But now for some reason, and just as the US markets are hitting all time highs with a wave count that looks pretty tired, Buffett is suddenly concerned for the well being and future wealth of foreign investors.

I've said it before and I'm saying it again: Buffett is a con man who profited from a deep understanding of the government run debt Ponzi.  IMVHO but with no proof of this, I believe that he got insider info during the last panic which allowed him to confidently loan money to those who were in trouble like Goldman Sachs, etc.  I believe that the fed was and perhaps still is laundering stimulus through him.   So when Buffett comes bearing stock tips at this point, the safe bet is to edge away from him toward the door.

I believe that in his desperation to get more participants into the stock Ponzi, Buffett is now monetizing his name.  When things finally collapse, expect many people to be very angry at the leaders who kept advising that everyone just put more and more of their hard earned retirement money into the scam known as the stock market.  If you are in a Vegas deal and you don't know who the Patsy is, it's you.

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