Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Check out [$NYA.X] - Important model.

In the backlink I provided this model:

As you can see from today's snapshot, it was followed almost exactly.  If this model continues to be correct, NSYE composite ($NYA.X) will not make a higher high than the red horizontal line.  Now, I know that NYA.X never traded as high as that glitch in Dec 2013 indicated.  The high listed for that date was 10,406.  But that line got into the data somehow and I have learned to always trust the chart data even when it did not seem to make sense to do so. 

And if I do that in this case, this rising wedge that is about to peak is a C wave which will be red 2.  If this model is correct, expect the bottom to drop out after that wave peaks because it will be the start of a big 3rd wave and at some point I expect to see at least some of the indices gap down 7% or more at the open as the debt Ponzi just goes into full collapse.  Time will tell about this but it should mean at least something to thinking people that my $NYA.X model has been so accurate to this point.  Such things, in my experience, indicate that one is in tune with the correct world view.

Having said that, it's always odds and never certainties when dealing with a herd of wild animals. 

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