Sunday, March 15, 2015

Yellen needs a preplanned, false flag terrorist attack to occur on US soil.

I've been trying to reconcile how Yellen is going to be able to avoid getting blamed for crashing the stock markets.  As interest rates have already begun to rise she has little choice but to raise rates soon lest the markets figure out that what Prechter taught me is in fact true: the fed doesn't really control interest rates but is instead a fast follower with a bully pulpit and a big mouth.  Gushing smoke and flames, the Wizard of Ozt takes credit for everything while accepting blame for nothing.  Before this crash is done, the Federal Reserve will itself collapse.  Nobody is saying this in a serious way but fake paper money is a highly liberal concept and liberal things will not survive the new conservative trend.   I'm not talking about 1-2 years of conservatism.  I'm talking about Kondratiev level change here.  80-100 year cycle kind of change.

Yellen, and by extension, the con men running government and Wall St, need an excuse, a diversion.  If they don't get this then Toto will pull the curtain back on the con game and there very well could be public lynchings of high ranking officials done before cheering crowds of people who have lost everything and are bloodthirsty as a result.  They need something big to happen.  Bigger than 9-11.  You cannot just pull the same level of con as last time or everyone will recognize it as a con.  If they fail to "shock and awe" the herd then I'm telling you, someone is going to get the horns.  They need something that destroys evidence or makes it difficult to do forensics on.

I totally admit that this is just wild-assed conjecture and not based on available data.  It's just what I would do if I were a totally corrupt steaming pile of dog crap like they are.  But if it happens then don't say nobody could envision something like this happening, and why.  If I were those con men it would be a dirty bomb in the US financial district.  Unfortunately that means the clearing system for stock trades will be destroyed and shorts could lose everything right along with longs.  After all, why not just do it and then have puppet Obama get on TV and say "I'm not going to sit here and have short sellers profit from this terror".  Gawd I can just hear his fake, drippy, repulsive voice spewing those words.

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