Friday, March 27, 2015

Page hit wave count update and milestones.

As you can see from the Blogspot chart stats chart below, it looks like my hits chart is peaking right as I have already decided for other reasons to move my EW charts to a subscription model.  I would not have done this had my old job not gone away.  The working hours there were very flexible and the job was not difficult for me so I had time to give this service away.

I'm pretty sure that once the free charts go away, the very least I will see is a reduction in hits to the prior 4th wave and its possible if not likely that the chart could turn into a mania unwind.  After all, are people coming here for political commentary or for free gambling insight?  While I think both are helpful to people and both provide unusual insight, most people are likely here for gambling help.

So by some strange coincidence, my hits chart is peaking right in line with me changing my model.  Maybe it's a coincidence if you believe in such things.

In any case, I was gratified to see an all time high single day page hit count as it broke the 1000 barrier yesterday as well as a new monthly high that broke 20k for the first time ever.  Yes I know these are small numbers compared to popular sites but getting this far without doing any advertizing or any work to increase my Google search score has been rewarding if not more time consuming than I would like.

Thanks again to all of you who have been frequenting my blog over the past months and years.


Anonymous said...

Are the page views unique, or simply totals? I'll tell you that I'm personally responsible for 12-15 hits/day.
Steven B.

The Captain said...

It's just pageviews. But its the only indicator that blogspot has and I still think it is useful in determining interest.

After all, if you didn't see value, you would not be coming back so often ; )

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