Monday, March 30, 2015

[JDST] 3 or C is likely in progress [JNUG]

In the very early pretrade, JDST is up 5%.   That gap up has to be part of a 3rd wave.  In the backlink I indicated that I didn't count 5 full waves up yet.  That was based on not using the extended trading data in the count.  In hindsight I should have used the extended trading data for such a near term wave count.  Below is what the chart looks like with the extended trade data through Friday.  As you can see, with extended data enabled, the low of the 26th is lower than that of the 25th and thus Thursday was 5 waves up and Friday was a-b-c back down to wave two and then 1 and 2 of wave 3 up.  The AM gap today should be 3 of 3.  So I will wait for that to play out and then buy the a-b-c pullback into wave 4 and then ride wave 5 up into the $12.75-$13 range.  That's when this should get interesting because that is when we get a new odds reading on how JDST will finish out its 4th wave HT's E wave.

IF JDST breaks that top rail shown in the backlinks in an a-b-c fashion and then comes back down into the 4th wave HT channel, the odds will be very significantly with those who buy JNUG with both hands at that point. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Captain,

When you say top rail, you mean the one at 12.11$ or 15$?
thx for the clarification.

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