Thursday, March 3, 2016

[UVXY] update

The backlink model did not work out and so I was stopped out quickly.  Once stopped out I always step back and look for other opportunities.  Too many people let pride run their game.  They lost a little and now they are determined to win it back, blah blah blah.  That's emotional.  I don't do emotional.  Not when trading at least.  So now I am back to wondering what UVXY is up to and the count below makes the most sense to me.  It's a clear a-b-c up into HTa, a clear a-b-c down into HTb, a reasonably clear move up into HTc and now 7 waves down into HTd where I think it will bottom soon and go up into HTe to throw over and form HT4.  Then we get Avi's higher high into the dangerous months of the year where I will be very, very interested in UVXY again if this model holds up.

That's not to say I am not interested in UVXY here!  That chart above is log scale folks.  So that "little" move into HTe is more than 100% if the reversal begins on Monday after UVXY falls to $28 on Friday and then moves to $58 for HTe. 

I contemplated making this insight into a special PayGo report but this time I'm just putting it out there.  If you decide to play this and you make a little something, please consider a voluntary payment commensurate with a tiny fraction of your winnings.  You'd tip a waiter 15% for good service and that's after paying for the big meal.  Think about it.

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