Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Greenspan is wondering why his house of card has not collapsed yet.

Greenspan has obviously been accepting speaking fees to warn his elite buddies about the debt Ponzi that he helped build.  The fact that it has not collapsed yet seems to puzzle him.  He say,"we are not quite sure which data is true and which is not".  The old fool thinks that fundamentals drive share prices in real time when in fact the fundamentals can be waaaay out of kilter for a long time.  How long was AIG destined to BK before the admission was made?  And Bear Stearns? 

Greenspan says something else interesting in that video.  He states that he has never seen so many unknowns in the economy before.  But what I suspect he is not saying is that the real issue is that things that he thought he knew are now acting like unknowns.  Action A does not cause reaction B.  So I bet many of the models at the fed are just falling over dead right now.  That's what I take from his statement.  Greenspan doesn't understand that the actions of the economic manipulators were never sustainable.  The old fool and his con man friends thought to themselves, well if you take a whip to the horse, the horse will move faster.  What his failed to realize (or doesn't want to admit) is that you can only whip that horse so many times before it just can't go any faster.  Further whipping past that is likely to kill the beast of exhaustion OR it is likely to make the horse run off a cliff or turn hard left or right suddenly in order to throw the buggy into the ditch.
As for Greenspan wondering why thinks are not worse than they currently are, well, that's simple.  Pyramid schemes can go on a lot longer than anyone thinks possible exactly for the reason that fundamentals are not what drive them.  No Ponzi can be a Ponzi and no pyramid scheme can be a pyramid scheme without the willing participation of Mark and Patsy.  At this point Mark and Patsy are so fully invested in the global debt Ponzi that they cannot possibly see the truth.  Anyone saying the truth is a conspiracy theorist, etc.  They just don't want to hear the truth.  When Trump called out GW Bush for his fake WMD and indicated that he knew there were no WMD, a big section of the debate audience booed him.

Someday something will be said or done by the right person at the right time which will resonate with the herd and then suddenly people will lose confidence. Then and only then will the Ponzi scheme go into collapse.

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