Friday, March 25, 2016

The conservative-liberal wars have begun.

The latest volley is documented here: conservative North Carolina passes some laws that are seen to target the protected LGBT species and in return fire, the mayor of SFO "bans" city employee travel to the state of NC.  Well I hope the liberal mayor of SFO meant that he would not pay them city wages to go there but that restriction was not called out.  So maybe they get fired if they go to the family reunion in NC now while on vacation?  How long will it be before one of the rare conservatives working in SFO government is fired for doing just that and then he sues the shit out of SFO for human rights violations by the state.?

Or by the city as it were...

In any case you have to understand that a major herd shift is under way.  Conservative people's brains are literally exploding from all the liberal horse shit that has been crammed down their throats for the past 40-50 years and so now they are lashing back in any way possible, stupid as NC "bathroom laws" might be.  It has nothing to do with bathroom laws and everything to do with "we are just damned tired of you cramming your lifestyle down our throats as if it were normal".  There is real anger there on the conservative side and it will come to a head sooner or later.

If you are LGBT then that is fine with me but I want to give you some sage advice: keep it to yourself.  NOT because I personally don't want to hear it.  No sirree!  I don't care one way or the other what you do.  I know how to live my life so that the actions of others don't affect me.  No, I say it for YOU because you need to understand that the liberal shark jump has occurred and that tail wind which you used to have at your back is soon going to turn into a gale force hurricane in your face.  The signs are all there.  The best thing to do in a hurricane is not to go out in it but rather to hunker down and let it pass over the top of you.

It's worse than many people understand. We could literally have a civil war over this kind of stupid ideology difference and others of the same ilk.

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