Friday, March 25, 2016

The beginning of the end for "sex sells"

Back in 1950 you never saw the crazy crap in media and on the streets that you see today.  For the past 70 years everyone has known that "sex sells".  Well, that is and has been a growing liberal viewpoint but now that we have seen peak liberalism, well, sex isn't going to sell like it used to.  Businesses that are slow to figure this out in their marketing are going to quickly fall behind.  The proof point of this for today comes from Microsoft who, after having hired hot babes in skimpy outfits to entertain the developers at one of their recent conferences, was compelled to publicly apologize.

Corporate execs don't like to publicly apologize so you can bet your bottom dollar that this will not happen within the X-box group again and probably no other group at MSFT.  The folks working there are fast learners and now that they see the hammer coming down on those who sullied MSFT's good name with sexy dancers, the mistake will not be repeated.

Other people in other companies are looking at this action by MSFT and you can bet they will be learning from MSFT's example.  So if you are an aspiring sexcort, best avoid the big name corporations going forward.  The liberal music is ending and with it will end the wild days of corporate risque shindigs.

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