Wednesday, March 2, 2016

[BKX] approaching critical juncture.

First off, if the banks go up then the markets go up.  If the banks go down, the market is toast.  That's because the banks create the fake money out of thin air called credit and debt that fuel the Ponzi markets.

In the backlink I modeled wave 3 or C down as being complete.  Avi called it C of 4, EWI called it 3 of 1 down.  I call it 3 or C because I don't pretend to know beyond doubt.  In any case, the model I presented there is reproduced below.

If this is a head fake up then it should likely stop at the 39.2 fib.  But if it goes as high as the green horizontal coming from 1/A then we will know that the current wave is not motive and that would play into Avi's model nicely. 

But if this is rejected downward from here and goes to a lower low then EWIs model rapidly takes center stage.

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