Thursday, March 3, 2016

[Hillary] risk increases with aide immunity deal

Well the age old pattern seems to be unfolding.  The herd comes across good times for whatever reason and then instead of caring who their leaders are, they just focus on self.  The leaders get fat by parasitically getting the best access to food and water.  Soon they come to believe that they are simply entitled to leadership and they build up an apparatus to protect the status quo.  At some point, the prosperity of the herd wanes.  The leaders who falsely took credit for the good times are now being stared down by the herd during the bad times.  All those criminal acts that were committed thinking nobody was watching then come back to haunt.  The is ALWAYS somebody watching whether you know it or not.  It's a good rule to live life by IMO.

In any case, the justice department knows it cannot attack Hillary directly and so it is going after her weak underlings.  This is how organized crime always collapses in the end.  The crooks take immunity deals and rat out the next higher guy up the chain.  Eventually someone knows something that is big enough to take down the kingpin.  Justice doesn't offer immunity deals to people that it does not think can help its case.  And individuals don't accept immunity deals from justice unless there is a need for it.  It just makes a person look guilty, sort of like taking the 5th.

That is why it is significant that a key Hillary staffer has accepted an immunity deal from justice.  I'm sure they are keeping this person safe because, let's face it, the Clintons are suspected in a long stream of murders going back to the Whitewater land dealings.  Anyone who doesn't think the Queen Bitch would cut their heart out and eat it in front of the victim is fooling themselves.  She's ruthless and focused.  Bill has no morals but Hillary is evil.

Whether or not they can take Hillary down right now, all of these investigations and innuendo are affecting the minds of voters, even the Hillary faithful. And Trump is playing this well.  Instead of talking about it everyday himself, he lets the justice dept news speak for itself.  If there is too long a lull in the news then he says something off the cuff like his recent statement that this election is a big deal for Hillary and not just because of the presidency.  If she cannot carry the vote from the herd then all her protective services will be pulled by her political cronies and under the bus she will go.

I am now looking for initial statements from the Dem side.  If we begin seeing the distancing process begin we will have our first confirmation that the end is near for Hillary.  A small amount of initial desertion can quickly turn into a flood of political sorties.  That's just the way the herd works.

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