Sunday, March 20, 2016

Indian jewelers show government who is really in charge.

The Indian government knows that gold is the only thing that can reasonably call fiat currency a fraud.  Because of that it has tried everything imaginable to separate the Indian people from their love of gold but it is all a big joke.  The people of India are not going to give up trusting in gold for trusting in paper promises offered by stuffed suits.  So the government has resorted to taxing gold, putting import tarrifs on it, coercing the temples to give up their gold and of course tempting the people to willingly abandon their gold for paper versions of it.

In the latest attempt to punish gold lovers, the Indian government just applied a fiat ("by decree") tax of just one percent to gold.  Of course, the gold jewelers of India have been around long enough to know that this kind of punitive taxation is a slippery slope.  Their response?  Just stop working!

No need to riot.  No need to complain.  No need to bribe and lobby.  Just sit down like the camel which has one straw too many placed on its back and refuse en mass to work for the slave master until the threat is removed.  At that point it becomes a battle of the wills.  Big government hopes that it can starve the workers into submission but smart workers have prepared for this in advance and have a reserve fund and low over head in place in order to outlast greedy  and corrupt government.  So again the government blinked and essentially declared the tax unenforceable leading to the end of a 19 day strike.

And so here is the lesson for all of us to understand:  government is parasitic.  It needs the productive economic output of the work force in order to have something to steal.  If you are in debt and have to make debt payments on top of your living expenses such as food and clothing then the government has you over a barrel and you have no bargaining power.  You cannot just stop working easily because your debts will all explode and there will be nothing for you to go back to later.

But if you are self employed and have no debt and in fact have savings and are associated with many like minded individuals, the government threats against you become a joke because all you have to do is stop working and therefore legally can stop paying income taxes.  Then you spend time with the family, catch up on sleep, read books and take time off while the government sweats the fact that they are not receiving revenue from you.  When the government caves, you just go back to work.

When big banks and fake paper money collapses, more and more will become self employed and debt will be very low.  Big government cannot remain big under these conditions for the very reasons I have stated.  Big government requires that the people be in big debt else the government becomes no big deal.  When the debt ponzi collapses it will be because the herd decided that big debt is the real threat and the military industrial complex along with its elite will go swirling the toilet bowl.  This is coming folks, especially in the US because the only alternative governments have had in the past is tyranny.  This is not going to work in the US because too many American people are armed and dangerous to all threats both foreign and domestic.  It's even worse than that to be honest.  I personally do not want a civil war.  I will not be tread on but I have a great life and I would prefer not to upset that.  But many others have crappy lives and so they would actually love to see a civil war.  So I warn the US government not to resort to tyranny because the outcome will not be favorable.  Best if we just have our little economic meltdown and then throw a few elite under the bus, etc. and then we can all get on with our lives in peace.

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