Saturday, March 19, 2016

Paygo model update

As the next step toward transitioning to a new PayGo website I have created a "Subscribe" tab and a "Subscribers" tab above. If you are interested in having access to my timely Elliott wave charts going forward then you can receive access for a flat monthly subscription fee of $39.95 USD. Click the Subscribe button for details. If you choose to subscribe you will receive an invite to my new blog which has membership requirements. After subscribing, the "Subscribers" button will take you there. This new subscription site is very basic for now. The next step will be to add some new features including trading results on a ticker by ticker basis with entry and exit/stop out points. But the long term goal is to create a whole new website based on a different platform than blogger. My first prototype is here: I have decided not to go with Wix because they make it too difficult to manage subscribers. Do not register on that site. It's looking like it must be Wordpress.

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