Wednesday, March 9, 2016

[JNUG] update


We are pulling back to what should be strong support for JNUG.  If it cannot hold the green horizontal line and the green upsloping support line then I would not hold this.  I expect this support to hold and that is why I would be a buyer at these levels.

 Zooming in, I model the bottom as below.  I don't have to be right about this.  But if it goes appreciable below the lower rail and stays down for more than a few minutes then I would become concerned that lower lows are coming.  So buy the dip and sell it if it dips even more.  Remember, red 5 cannot be longer than red 3 else something very unexpected is playing out and you don't just sit around for unexpected.  You sell first and ask questions later.  Especially in these volatile markets.  The cost of a trade should not be any kind of a consideration when share prices are moving this quickly.


Unknown said...

Captain I sent a donation for UGAZ last night

The Captain said...

Noted and processed. Sorry for the delay, I am on Taiwan time until the 18th.
-The Captain

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