Wednesday, March 9, 2016

[UGAZ] update

In the backlink I provided the model below left.  What transpired after I posted my model (scaled to match the original chart) is below right.  I hope that there are none among my reader who would attribute such pinpoint accuracy as being simply pure chance.


That is not to say the models are always right or always that accurate.  But they do give guidance on what one might expect to see and through the understanding of the model one knows when to likely become worried and when not to.

The chart on the right above is not current.  I simply wanted to compare my model from the 4th to what transpired immediately after.  The current data is below.

How would you count this?  What are the variables?  Even if you are not trading UGAZ I think my wave analysis insights are a learning tool that can be applied to any stock.  If you want to receive this report for about the cost of one trade, copy and paste the code 0310UGAZ into the box below and then click Pay Now.

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Anonymous said...

Captain - Please check your donations section, I couldn't get the paypal link to work from this article so I put the code in my donation. Thanks.

The Captain said...

Sorry about the mess up on the link. You payment is noted as are all the others who just sent the payment via the donation link. Such faith that I would understand ; )

The link above has been fixed in case anyone else was actually put off by the broken link.

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