Friday, March 4, 2016

The elite are in retreat.

Major cultural changes are happening in real time that are going over most people's heads.  Today's story about Harvard Law School scrapping their age old crest which has slavery overtones along with the removal of the title of "master" from their institutional positions is right in line with what I reported some months ago about the removal of Rhode's statue.  You might not think you care about all this but I assure you that it will significantly affect everyone on the planet in the not distant future because these are the canaries in the coal mine indicating that a major societal shift is under way.

Folks it was these elitist academics who built our current system of unkeepable promises based on the use of a fake money supply.  A long time ago the meaning of master and slave changed significantly to these "people".  Elite still want slavery because slavery is theft of labor and labor is the genesis of all future new economic value.  But they are smart.  They realized that the value provided by manual field labor historically provided by black slaves was peanuts.  The blacks worked hard but no amount of physical labor can keep up with automation and technology.

So instead of continuing to focus on the enslavement of blacks using a whip, they enslaved the whole world by conning us into accepting their fake currency supply as if it were real money and then backing it up as necessary by killing anyone who did not agree.  The Iraq war was not about oil.  We did not end up with the oil!  And it was not about sweetheart contracts for Haliburton and Blackwater.  Those were merely targets of financial opportunity.  It was about supporting the petrodollar.  Period.  Terrorism is a non-issue in the US and in fact it is only a bit of an annoyance overall in places like Israel (where I have visited 5 times and never felt or saw any fear from terrorism).  Anyone in the US who walks about worrying about terrorism might as well worry about getting killed by a meteorite.  If you have never read my overview of the global money supply I think it will fill in some gaps about what I am saying.  You cannot possibly understand my statements until you internalize my high level view about the fake money supply and how it got to be this way.
As for their culture, the elite are in retreat and are changing before someone forces them to change.  Do you think that arrogant Harvard Law wanted to be told to change?  They most certainly did not!  But the student loan Ponzi is waning and the entire budget of the Harvard system is at risk and so now they are beginning to fall back and to adopt a more conciliatory tone.  This is the way it will be for a while.  But then it will get worse.  There will be direct attacks on the elite because at this point if they don't fall back they will be charged by an angry water buffalo and if they do fall back then the now awake water buffalo will view it as weakness.

At the end of the day, the only power that the elite have or have ever had over the people is the power to con us into listening to them.  As the herd loses its fear of and respect for the the good old boy club we will see less and less sheeple blindly falling in behind these con men to follow their stupid shit.  And one day the people will realize that the king is naked and just as fake and fraudulent as his money supply.

We even see this theme on TV now.  I sometimes watch the lawyer show "Suits".  Anyone who has been watching the show has seen the aggressive, in your face lawyer-lions get gored over and over again by the used to be hapless and helpless people.  One episode even mentioned that the firm will have to start recruiting lawyers from other schools than Harvard.  Of course, that is just less jobs for Harvard law school grads and at some point the world will understand that Harvard and other Ivy League schools are just intimidation centers for the elite.  "Suits" makes this point by showing that it is the man himself that makes the capable lawyer because Mike Ross never went to Harvard or any law school but he was a top grade lawyer anyway.

These subtle messages are going out across the herd and the long term result will be iconoclastic in nature.  The old leaders and the old system will collapse like the Berlin wall and something new and better for the average Joe will emerge.

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