Thursday, April 9, 2015

Amazing things are taking place globally for those with the eyes to see them.

The white liberal elite globalist empire-building forces which have been running the show for many decades are now  in serious and visible retreat.  Nothing makes that more clear than today's news coming from S. Africa of all places.  In it we see that a statue of Cecil John Rhodes, of Rhodes Scholar fame, which has been standing since 1934 has been removed from its place of prominence and honor to the jeers and derision of onlookers.  The people obviously began to realize that this and other statues were just symbols of white/British elite imperialism lording over the local people like some kind of hero when in fact the people know that he and the rest of the elite are nothing but a bunch of usurious, parasitic, opportunistic con men.  They promised prosperity but all they did was steal the labor of the people, which is the stock in trade of all elite.   Labor is the only thing that drives future value which is why the elite through history have always worked to enslave the people.

So why now?  Well, this type of thing and much much more to come should be of little surprise to my long time readers.  The new conservative wave is global and it is growing.  Slave ownership, by any means or measure, is a liberal practice.  The master, whether he is the plantation owner of the the historical US deep south, or whether he is the British empire builder Rhodes, or whether it is the US government, always tells you how good you will have it under their control.  Of course, the good stuff never materializes for the workers because the elite are too busy lining their pockets.  The herd puts up with it, sometimes seemingly endlessly, but at some point enough is too much and the herd decides not to put up with it anymore.

This normally happens when the herd gives up waiting for the all the promises of a better life.  In  other words, they call bullshit on the con.  When this happens the elite, who would have everyone believe they are omniscient and omnipotent, begin to fear the pitchfork revolution and they quickly move from an attack posture to a retreat posture, just like I have been using the lions at Kruger to demonstrate.  Read what the article says:
"We finally got the white man to sit down and listen to us," said a student who had campaigned for it to be taken down. Some were chanting "one settler; one bullet" - a sign that anger could boil over if the lives of black people do not improve."

Folks, it's one thing when a few radical extremists cause problems.  When their numbers are small, you can just send in the SWAT and the army to kill them and anyone who ever knew them.  The point at which the elite begin to fear for their own lives (and thus become open to if not leaders of rapid change) is when the normally docile and non-radical masses begin swinging their horns around to see how it feels.  This statue removal is a much bigger deal than it might appear because the elite love their symbols and when those symbols cannot be maintained then you know it is a big deal.

I want to emphasize a few point here:
  • This has less to do with whites vs. blacks than it has to do with elite vs. common man.  Yes, the non whites are more marginal in the eyes of the ruling elite than, say middle class white America.  But the elitist sentiment toward ALL non-elite bloodline commoners is the same: we are all of a much lower caste, we are not fit to self-rule, we are all either stupid, ignorant or both and in any case we do not understand how they control us, use us, steal from us, intimidate us, discard us. 
  • This is just the beginning of a much larger shift.  The real moves will not happen until the fiat currency and fractional reserve con/enslavement scam collapses globally.  The writing is on the wall for this; When not if.  We know this is true because the debt of all major countries is going exponential and debt (AKA fake labor) is the true power source of the Mammon-worshiping elite.
  • The shift is driven by fear.  It is now the elite who are becoming fearful.  So their retreat is a tactical one for now, intelligently executed so far.  But it will get out of control before the scam collapses; the elite right now are simply concerned; they are just leaning toward being worried.  At some point worry will morph into outright fear.
  • Don't be surprised if they begin pulling their symbols down all over the place.  Remember when I reported on the removal of Harry Reid's name from his Alama Mater?  This recent statue removal is an escalation of that trend.  Now, here is one for you that nobody and I mean nobody on Earth is predicting except me.  And the reason I am making this prediction is because I think I have unique insight and understanding as to what is transpiring in our society: a shift back toward real conservatism and away from elitism.  So check out this train of thought:  
  • Perhaps you are aware of the major trend in corporations to use symbols of elitism.  You will find the number 13, the pyramid, the all seeing eye and many other mystic symbols of occult elitism in everyday company logos.  The corporations doing this do so as a poke at the herd which, they think, is too stupid to understand the arrogant insult being paid to anyone who is not on the inside of these corporations.  The pyramid, for example, is the historical symbol of slavery.  Not only were the great pyramids of the Earth all built with slave labor, the shape of the pyramid itself shows how the very few are elevated very high up, but only on the backs of hierarchical layers of labor below them.  
  • So here is my prediction: we will see some major big name companies with long standing traditional elitist, masonic, satanic logos changing them to obviously more conservative designs in the coming years.  
    • They will say it is due to marketing study, wanting to renew their public image, changing attitudes from top management, etc.  Expect the reasons to be everything but the plain and full truth.  And so here is the truth: not all of these companies are evil.  While most of them do or have had very evil leadership with sworn goals of subjugation of the masses, global control, depopulation of the lower classes, etc., these plans and efforts are generally only understood by the very top leadership.  But all of these plans depend on having the money resources to do it and as credit evaporates from the scene, they will have to care more and more about those they despise: the lowly middle and lower classes - the paying customers.  It's the same reason Mayors are calling out police chiefs for misdoings, police chief are throwing their murderous beat cops under the bus, etc.  All that flowing credit buys loyalty and power and now that it is being pinched off, the power of this Mammon Money is waning.  People are increasingly doing the moral, right thing even when it means they miss out on profits or even when such actions cost them a loss.
    • Credit deflation will deflate the egos of the arrogant and they will remove the symbols of arrogance, the symbols of elitism from people's eyesight.  They will fear that the "stupid people" are awakening to the blatant hate and disrespect that theses symbols represent.   They will understand that their future survival is in the hand of those who they hold in such low esteem.  In short, they will realize that the master slave relationship is reversing itself.  The people are the masters and the government, corporations and military are subservient to the people.
  • Other similar things will occur as well.  It has been very in vogue to give those of global political power, including the liberal agenda pushers in the global entertainment business, titles of British nobility.  I have always considered this liberal shark jumping that marked peak arrogance and peak elitism.  For example, sir Elton John.  Such titles were also showered upon American servants of the elite and corrupt crown which is still running a large part of its Mammon Money global empire by proxy.  As you can see here, traitor Alan Greenspan was knighted.  Folks, there is a reason that within financial circles London is referred to as "the city" and wall st is "the street".  The pyramidal, hierarchical, fractal power structure is a basic tenet of the global elitist system.
  • I expect at the very minimum for some future luminaries to turn down offered titles of nobility.  Instead of it being done quietly, it will be leaked to the press and will serve as proof that the individual is not throwing in with the elitist status quo.  A variation on this theme is that many with existing titles of nobility might remove it from their public website, WIKI, etc. and still others might abdicate the title, quietly or publicly as their particular needs demand.
    • Those who do it will simply have come to the conclusion that the title will be more of a detriment to how one is viewed by the PAYING public than anything else and so they will want to create distance and separation.  Right now this will seem like a ridiculous thing to say because of course one would accept such an offer today without question.  Again, I like to pick the difficult acid tests of my models and this one I gauge to be about as difficult as me talking about buying Molycorp on the very day it gave its going concern notice.
  • I also expect to see public signs of elite greetings evaporate so we won't have to look at nearly so much of any of the following going forward: