Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I tried to warn them...

Today's news is both very sad for one man and his family while signaling a better day to come for the rest of us.  First the bad news.  Another citizen is dead, murdered by police in cold blood practicing their little "zero tolerance" agenda.  The facts of the case are simple.  A man was pulled over by police for a broken tail light.  The man apparently owed child support and didn't want to cooperate with the cop.  So he broke away from the cop and began to run.  The cop shot him in the back 8 times and then immediately radioed in the canned lie that the victim had grabbed for his TASER.  Unfortunately for the crooked, immoral, murderous cop, someone videoed the whole thing.

Without that video, the victim would have been blamed for everything and the dirty, murderous cop who has not one iota of care for any human life other than his own would have gotten off scott free.  The pattern is so obvious by now that change is going to ensue from this case or some case similar to it.  Cops kill people as if life has no meaning and then they lie about it and their infrastructure backs them to the hilt.

At least that's the way it used to be.  That is all changing very, very rapidly.  As you can read in the article, this time the cop was quickly thrown under the bus face first and charged not with assault, not with manslaughter but with murder.  It is playing out exactly like I modeled it would.  Those at the top did not form a shield around him.  Those days are over.  The heads distanced themselves quickly from him.  The Mayor of the city basically tried him in the press in a very unprecedented (and unprofessional) way.  Instead of saying "no comment, the matter is under investigation", he said,

"When you're wrong, you're wrong," North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said, announcing the arrest. "When you make a bad decision, I don't care if you're behind the shield or a citizen on the street, you have to live with that decision.".

With the mayor making those kinds of public statements I guarantee you it means all department support will be withheld from this murderer and he will be sentenced to a long jail term.

Moreover, the person who videotaped the murder is being hailed a hero by the lawyer of the family of the deceased.  It is not important that the lawyer said this; of course he is going to say it as he is talking his book.  What is important is that the media is repeating it, reporting it.

So, several big messages are being sent out today because of this:
  1. Cops kill people for no good reason.  It is not a conspiracy theory, it is policy. They are so used to doing it, they barely think it is even wrong anymore.
  2. As soon as they do it, they make up a God damned lie for the official record.  Way too many cops are lying murderous bastards - that is the message that many formerly trusting citizens (sheeple) will be getting from this.
  3. The higher ups no longer rush in for the cover up.  Cops caught in the act will finally begin to receive the same punishment as a normal citizen.  The two speed legal system is now entering a collapse phaseNot because the heads decided that it was needed folks, but rather because they fear for their jobs, their pensions and yes for their very lives .  They fear that the herd will lose fear and respect for the badge and if that is ever allowed to happen, I'm telling you, police will die by the hundreds or more.  The police only stand a chance when people are not gunning for them.  The police only stand a chance when people are cowering in fear of them.  Once people lose that fear, lose the respect for the law then serious chaos will result.  The higher ups are doing the right thing even if for the wrong reasons.  If the police begin to police their own criminal element, the people can stand down.
  4. Those taking pictures of police on the street are not the bad guys like many cities and some states are trying to paint them.   They are in fact patriots who actually risk the murderous cop shooting them too in order to avoid the video getting out.  Don't roll your eyes at this!  The cop shot a man 8 times in the back in cold blood.  He murdered an unarmed man who posed no danger to him; a man in full retreat.  Do you think if the dirty cop knew there was a witness with video that could prove he was a lying murderer that he would have hesitated for one second to clean up the loose ends?
Even before this happened, the system tried to make it illegal to film cops doing their jobs in Texas.  Needless to say, this bill produced a huge uproar from the people.  After this little incident in SC you can just forget that stupid bill in TX.  In a fair world, the people should be armed and if they see someone committing murder they should have the right if not social obligation to intervene with the use of deadly force against the aggressor.  As the mayor said, a badge is no longer a shield against wrongdoing.  Well, unless the cops want armed citizens gunning them down for murdering people, they damned well better let people take videos.  And so they will.

I want to be very clear here.  The system better clean itself up or the people will do it themselves.  If you want to know what this looks like, just look south of the border where "someone" is killing police by the dozens in ambush attacks.  Notice how the drug cartels are mentioned in the article but nobody is actually blaming them.  I don't believe that the cartels are doing this.  It is no secret that Mexican police are corrupt as Hell and in the pockets of the drug lords.  This looks to me like armed patriot citizens of Mexico have given up on the corrupt police and justice system and are now taking matters into their own hands.  I think it is an escalation of earlier operations like this one.  At some point the "stupid" people simply decide to take control of their own security by whatever means.  At that time they stop looking like stupid sheeple and start to behave more like intelligent, crafty and resourceful wolves (or wolverines if you prefer).  Wake up, American police.  Stop your corruption now before Mexico happens north of the border.  I don't want to see it happen but it is coming soon if you don't change course now.

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