Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Et tu, Israel?

China's Asian development bank is clear evidence that the world is tired of US bullying, military adventurism, do as I say and not as I do fake morality and outright scam ridden money games of every kind.  The Asian development bank threatens the old guard as represented by the US controlled (AKA puppet) IMF and the world bank.  Basically, these organizations roll into small countries saying "we're here to help" when in fact they mean "we didn't earn the fiat currency but as long as we can beat you over the head with it we might as well do it".

By flocking to be part of the Asian development bank, the world is really flipping the US money changers the bird.  China, they hope, will give them a better deal in the fake money scam.  Yes, that is all the world has to look forward to right now - the lesser of two evils.  Today's little surprise is that even Israel has turned it's back on the US in this matter and is sucking up to China by becoming a founding member of the Asian development bank.

Gee, I wonder what China is offering in the back room in order to get everyone to defect like this?  It has to be something that is not generally understood by the public yet.   You don't just go pissing on the leader of the status quo for the same deal as you had before.  It's like a cell phone plan: the terms and the service have to somehow be better in order to justify the move.  I have the feeling that when we find out what these attractive terms are that the dollar is going to take a hit and so will US stocks.

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