Thursday, April 2, 2015

Arrogant loud mouthed cops should be reading my blog...

Today brings us yet another example in a rapidly growing body of evidence that says the arrogant  and abusive police are cruising for a bruising. Fortunately, it is appearing more and more that the people will not have to get involved physically and that the corrupt, arrogant police will instead be reined in by the system.  By "fortunately", I mean fortunately for the cops whose lives will be spared by avoiding such an encounter.  It was getting really damned close to becoming open season on the police because of power mad jerks like the one in the linked video.  I do not want police (or anyone else for that matter) to get hurt but when I see crazy people walking up to them and shooting them randomly in their car then it is pretty clear that the herd has had enough bull$hit from the LEOs.  At the end of the day, the herd will win because the LEOs need the herd but the herd does not need the LEOs.

Respect for police is at an historical low right now, all well deserved IMO.  The cops actually think they are elite these days.  You can see it in the way the cop in that video talks to the Uber driver.  He thinks that person is very low on the biological scale.  The cop's problem is that since the elite invited the cops into bed to be their protectors, the cops began to believe that they were something more than a cheap date.  They thought they were accepted into the elite family as equal family members.  They believed the lies told to them about how important they were, how they were all "heroes" and mostly how they system would protect them from their own actions.  The elite treated the cops like hookers with services for hire and the cops thought it was a serious long term relationship or even a wedding.  SUCKERS!

All of these signals and statements and promises handed down by the elite seemed to be holding for a long time and so the cops bought the story.  But now they are suddenly seeing a change from above and the pace of change clearly accelerated since the November elections marked the beginning of a war on liberalism.  Those who are a bit slow in the head (like the angry cop in the video) are now getting punished for their actions.  Some will be disciplined, some will be removed from duty, others will be fired and most importantly, a good number of them will be jailed.  The smart cops will see these signals and recognize that the wind has changed direction.  Policy changes will result.  The good cops who have been intimidated into silence (which means they are nothing more than "pussies with good intentions" and thus akin to lukewarm spit IMO) will finally grow a pair and begin blowing the whistle on the corrupt ones (something they should have been doing all along).

For any "good" cops who might be reading this I can only ask: How do you judge your "goodness"?  What are you criteria for thinking you are good?  Of course you cannot be committing crimes or moral offenses and have any hope of self identifying as being a good cop or a good person.  But are you just fooling yourself??  The law says that if you know of others breaking the law that you are an accessory after the fact if you do not turn them in.  So can you still claim to be good or are you really just one small step up from corrupt filth wearing a badge?  Which of those in the blue fraternity did you turn in for corruption?  And don't try to tell we the people that you don't know of any corruption on the force!  You cannot claim to be a good cop if you give yourself legal leeway that you would not afford to a citizen stranger.  Any form of two speed legal system (one for you and a different one for the common man) is pure corruption.  Period.  There is still time to self-redeem in this matter.  Get to it.

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