Friday, April 3, 2015

And now we begin to see the real breadth of organized crime in government

Today's article is yet another proof point of two things:
1) how rampant organized criminal activity has become in big government
2) how the reversal of this long standing trend which was driven by Mammon Money has now begun

Of course I am referring to the institutionalized cheating that has now been exposed in the school system of Atlanta Georgia.  The basic game was that the combination of crazy common core teaching curriculum and massive standardized testing (meaning one big standardized test per year was the main metric for student achievement) was resulting in poor student performance.  Such performance numbers were tied to teacher and principal employ-ability and compensation.  Since the teachers were either too stupid, too lazy and or too encumbered by a confusing common core teaching dogma to be able to get the students to pass the big tests on their own, they conspired to circumvent the system by passing answers to students and/or changing grades.

There's that word folks: conspired.  As in conspiracy fact, not theory, and on a massive scale to the point where it must be classified as having been institutionalized.  As in proven in court to the degree that jail time will be handed down to the perps.  Here are the thinking man's basic take aways:
  • This was a true, organized conspiracy.  It was fraud on a broad scale. Teachers and principals were involved.  Anyone who would not toe the line was either transferred out or terminated.  Students were intimidated not to expose what was happening.
  • The conspiracy was about the same thing that conspiracies are usually about: money.  The teachers can say they did it for the school or for the students but they would have had no part in it save the fact that the teachers and principles jobs and compensations were on the line.
  • Had any individual stood up and suggested based on feedback from their child that such things were happening, the "Occam's razor" crowd would have shouted them down with ridicule saying, "what would you have us believe - that dozens of teacher not only on one school but across 44 (yes, 44) schools all somehow got together and organized this grand cheating conspiracy?  That is just too complex and so it is not a simple solution and therefore Occam's razor says we shouldn't even consider it and those who do are either fools or conspiracy theorists."  Well, to those of you who are Occam's idiots, there it is, in your face.  It happened.  The supposedly impossible and overly complex is apparently a lot more likely to occur than your little theory, which has been used for decades to beat up and intimidate whistle blowers, allows for. I never want to hear Occam's razor used as a justification not to listen to real life experience and whistleblower testimony ever again.  Occam's razor as applied to human behavior has been officially debunked.  It is nothing more than a means to intimidate people into conforming with herd-think over individual-think.
    • The reason such broad conspiracies are possible is because humans are a herding species.  Most of us fall in line easily when herded here or there.  Those few of us who are naturally or otherwise immune to the societal G23 pax are hunted down and attacked or eliminated so as to silence the rabble rousers.  Read the link, that is what the schools did to those good teachers who valued their own integrity over a pay check.
  • Is Atlanta the only place where this conspiracy is happening?  I think not.  All schools had the same pressures and teachers were constantly moving about the country so I suspect many schools were just as corrupt as the Atlanta school system was.  Remember, we are talking about a government organization here which claims not only the responsibility for educating our children but also the right to take your children from you if you don't do as they say.  
    • If you don't give your child the kind of lunch recommended by the school, you might be a child abuser.  Therefore they can claim the exclusive right to feed your children.  I don't know about you but I would not let some government organization have exclusive and unmonitored rights to feed my children.  You never know what might be in the food.
    • If you home school your children then you are treated as an enemy of the state because schools are used to indoctrinate children and to teach unchallenged authority to the state.
    • The schools demand the right to teach your children radical sexual concepts in order to:
      • make them an easier target for the "planned parenthood" abortion revenue scam.
      • soften them up for the elite satanic pedophilia sex slave scam.  That link takes you to the sordid details of what happened in the UK with Jimmy Savile.  The same kind of thing is widespread underground in the US often related to large sporting events.  If your city is pushing for a major sports stadium, an F1 track or a competition quality golf complex all to be paid for with public funds, you can rest assured that the satanic pedophile elite are driving it.  They believe that having sex with the very young as well as ritual sacrifice of babies is their path to extended life.  Does this sound like a conspiracy theory to you?  If so, step away from the center of the herd, put on your G23 pax filter mask, put away Occam's razor and do a bit of serious reading because these things are well documented all over the InternetLook at the young girl's face in this video.  Do you think she is making all this up?  I don't.
      • the schools are just one leg of a broader CONSPIRACY regarding immoral capture and control of our children for the benefit of what ultimately boils down to satanic pedophile elite which are running the show.  There, I said it.  The "C" word.  So if this is true, who else is involved?  Well, let Geena Davis explain it to you.  If you are shocked by all of this then I can only ask why.  Is it that you believe in the inherent goodness of man?  Puhleese!  Hitler was a man folks and Pol Pot too.  There are just reams and reams of historical fact showing how corrupted man can be.  So if not that then what is your excuse (those of you who are shocked by all of this and are experiencing disbelief - that does not include all of my readers I am quite sure).  If your inner brain is telling you that all of this is just conspiratorial nonsense then maybe, just maybe you should look inward to see who is running your show: your internal sovereign self or external control of you via our genetic predisposition to herding behavior.
  • If this is happening by teachers in order to save their shitty little jobs, what do you think is happening in the halls of the higher echelons of the military industrial complex?  I assure you, many hours of study and investigation on these matters has led me to the conclusion that the rabbit hole goes much deeper than most people can even bring themselves to admit.

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