Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Expect our mass media to begin working for the people again soon.

The mass media has turned into a propaganda network for the state.  I think everyone knows this.  It has become a captured entity based on a system of government imposed carrots and sticks.  Without a free and unencumbered media, there is no freedom for the people.  If the statists had their way, there would be no free media.  This is an old story, one that has been around for all of human history.

Enter the Internet, the great game changer.  As long as the government can focus on just a few big corporate media enterprises, its job of controlling the news and controlling the commentary on the news is relatively easy.  But with millions of independent news sources from the lowly blogger to the bigger independents, how is a corrupt government to keep up?  In short, it will try but it will fail, at least here in America.

You can see the failure in the cable news viewership stats as reported by Gary North.  Virtually nobody watches main stream news anymore.  Interestingly, those who still do are moving right in a big way.  Look at the numbers for flaming liberal Rachel Maddow: she is going down in flames.  This of course comes as no surprise to me.  In this post I wrote:

"I wonder when they will come for Rachel Maddow's job.  As popular as she remains today, I think it will happen before this crash is over.  Rachel Maddow cannot compete if the people turn conservative.  When the people begin to value straight, honest talk over liberal leaning interpretations of the truth even when presented by good looking, fast talking, quick on their feet people like Rachel Maddow and...  oh I was going to say Jon Stewart but he already bailed out, didn't he...."

Rachel's career will be over soon unless she begins reading my blog and figuring out that she needs to push right in a big way and SOON.  That liberal tail wind that she has been enjoying for so long now is starting to smell suspiciously like passed gas or perhaps even a decomposing body. She now faces a conservative headwind which is just now picking up steam.

The mass media is going to begin responding to market forces again and when it does we should see a clean break away from being the lapdogs of the military industrial complex.  Nobody is saying this right now except for me but I expect to see a big resurgence in the time honored role of investigative reporting by the media.  In order to do this, the media will have to fly in the face of government at all levels.  The cozy, good old boy, nod nod wink wink, highly government scripted nature of main stream media will either change (and soon) or it will just collapse completely into oblivion.  So expect some kind of high profile battles to begin between media and government soon.  It will probably take the form of media doing something that government really doesn't like and then government responding with threats of criminal charges.  Instead of whimpering off like a scalded dog as it has done so many times before, the media will stand its ground this time because:
a) it will realize that the threat of not standing its ground is an existential one
b) it will have the vocal backing of the people

Once the media feels energized by having the backing of the herd, it will grow the cojones to begin doing its job again.  All of these predictions are based on my high level model of a swing away from societal liberalism and back to one of conservatism.

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