Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Revenge of the conservatives

My thesis is that the human herd migrates between the left and the right on a regular basis.  At the end of each swing of the pendulum, the ideology that is in power does such stupidly over the top shark jumping crap that it marks the reversal of the trend.  Once the trend reverses there is no un-reversing it.  I'm here to tell you that the liberal trend is over and the march toward conservatism has begun.  Many things will change because of it.  Whereas liberalism is an extreme tolerance, nay, encouragement of extreme exotic behavior, the coming move toward conservatism is just as extreme an intolerance toward weird shit.  Neither of the extremes are any fun but the herd has just about had its fill of the liberal side of things and so we can only expect less and less tolerance of liberal stuff.

Today's case in point is the email below which I got today from the ACLU regarding N.Carolina's growing concern about who uses what bathroom.  Of course, the notion that a transgender woman is really a man whose main goal is to catch a peek of real women on the pot is hysterical in nature.  I just don't see how a man who is attracted to women would pursue said attraction by getting his wang removed.  As a libertarian I of course don't care what Lara or Larry or whatever calls him/herself or how he/she dresses.  Just keep it from being an attempt to convert others who might not be "born this way" and I really don't care about it.  Not that I like it or don't like it.  Simply that it does not matter to me any more than a stone on the ground matters to me.

But those caught up in their own herding instinct will grow an opinion, a strong one in fact, which is simply what the collective is thinking.  Why?  Because thinking differently puts us apart from our beloved herd and of course that is the worst thing you can do to a member of a herding species.  This is why so many normal people got behind the "tolerance" movement even though they thought it was disgusting and would never do it themselves.  They didn't want to be ostracized by the ruling faction.  And this is why so many people at all levels, federal, state and local are going to get behind the intolerance of weirdness movement that I see coming.  These new conservatives will be just as adamant about their anti weirdness views as the liberals are and have been about their extreme weirdness views.

Let the games begin.

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