Saturday, March 12, 2016

Special weekend metals and miners update is available for purchase

Things are getting pretty sporty in the metals and miners area.  The volatility is incredible, especially in the highly leveraged triples where I think the most upside potential exists.  2016 has already been a highly profitable year for my trading account and I think that there is much more to come.   In fact, I believe that between metals, miners, oil and oil services that 2016 will be one of my best trading years ever.

If you are trading these markets then you know as well as anyone how they can go from boom to bust to boom in the blink of an eye.  But even if you are not a day trader you probably want to know what someone who does a lot of trading thinks about the markets.  After all, the main stream media didn't see this golden bottom coming but we EW traders clearly saw the potential.  I mean, did Jim Cramer give this kind of insight?   That link shows that the EW model saw it coming when the supposedly in-the-know mainstream publications like The WSJ were telling us that we should just face facts that gold is a pet rock.

If you want to get my special weekend edition of Metals and Miners for only $20, cut and paste the code MM20160312 into the box below and click Pay Now.

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