Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just when you were ready to give up on the system...

I've written many times in these pages that during the end days of the global debt Ponzi we will likely see that money is less and less effective at controlling the herd.  As a result, establishment figures will begin losing control of the herd.  The "invisible hand" is not as invisible as it allowed itself to believe nor is it as powerful as it thinks.  Many assumptions and "givens" that we all learned to take for granted will be upset and break down badly.  Today we see another example of this in the headlines wherein the media reports that $200 mn was "wasted" by big money backers (bribers) whose horse has failed in the presidential running.

For decades it has been a given in American politics that money buys elections.  Money could be put into mass advertising and a sleepy population could be escorted to the polls in a hypnotic trance to vote for the establishment's choice.  That trend has hit its zenith.  The population, angered by years of economic decline for the middle class, has woken up and is now self-organizing.  The only candidate that fits this model is Donald Trump.  He's a blithering idiot and a bullshitter but he's doing a masterful job of giving the people what they think they want and need which is an energetic, plain talking, economically independent candidate whose message is focused on the middle class.

Again, everything Trump says is just wrong, but his delivery is spot on.  Hitler was wrong about everything as well but he was also in tune with the emotional state of the herd.  He got elected despite being a psychotic animal.  Trump is no Hitler (yet) but he's definitely in tune with a very significant portion of the highly pissed off American voters.

It's such a shame that we are likely to have such a loud clown for president.  Why couldn't it have been a calm voice of economic sanity like Rand Paul?  But noooooooo.  We need the political equivalent of Jim Cramer in the white house.  What's next for Trump, a sound board full of sound effects during his speeches?  Speaking of which, I've created the Trump speech template.  It goes like this for any given TOPIC.

"You want to know about TOPIC?  We love TOPIC and TOPIC loves us.  We are really close to them and they love us.  We were just visiting TOPIC and we had many great discussions.  My wife loves TOPIC too.  My wife and my daughter.  They both love TOPIC because TOPIC is good.  TOPIC will do very, very well, I promise you."

It drives me crazy to hear a grown man talk like this but Trump's substance is not what the herd is after.  It's his iconoclastic theme and the fact that he has enough of his own money not to have to be bought by the establishment.

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