Wednesday, March 30, 2016

EmailGate not going away easily for Hillary

Despite the fact that people think Hillary is untouchable the courts continue to find against her in the emailgate deal.  Today a second federal judge ruled against her with the net effect that watchdog group Judicial Watch can seek testimony from Clinton regime officials that will be used as evidence against here.

I doubt that Hillary will ever be actually held to account for any of her crimes, and they likely number far more than emailgate, but none of this is good for her election chances.

I still have to ask, why must we choose between the bad hairpiece arrogant SOB Trump and the queen of organized government crime for the past 30 years?  Why can't the American people see through these ass hats? 

It seems like lose-lose to me but I do think Trump would be less likely to start a civil war.  World war?  That's another matter completely.

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