Friday, March 4, 2016

15 edition mini-subscription in JNUG has finished

For those of you who purchased my 7 day, 15 issue mini-subscription which focused on JNUG, I wanted you to have a place to comment on the value you think you received.  Not everyone will want to comment and I understand that but if you wanted the opportunity to complain or praise or comment in any other way, here is your chance.  I will not filter any comments just because they might happen to be negative.  Let the cards fall where they may!

As a reminder to everyone else, this was 15 issues for $75 which comes out to $5 an issue.  If you are any kind of active trader then you would likely have benefited from this service during the past volatile week.  I will be traveling out of the country for work until the 18th of this month so blog activity will likely be reduced.

As always, buy the EW-defined 3 wave dips and sell the 5 wave peaks.  Don't fall in love with your count because it might be wrong and the proof that you did not fall in love with it is whether or not you used stops.  Those who use EW-defined stops (as opposed to gut feel defined stops) are playing the odds and managing risk.  They will win out over time.  Those who don't show this discipline might get lucky riding bareback without a safety net for awhile but Mr. Market will eventually win that game.

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