Saturday, March 12, 2016

[UGAZ] weekend update is available

At the backlink the UGAZ chart looked like this:

I suspected that I had unique insight to offer on this chart and so I provided a mid  week update.  Those who purchased that edition know that my insights were correct: the wave count I modeled played out very closely.  The current chart is per below.

Folks, UGAZ is a screamer in the direction of travel.  It just moved up 33% in the past 4 trading days.  Of course, it was recently trading at $1.30 too and from there it was cut in half.  Score one for those who have the discipline to use EW defined stops.

So, what do you think likely comes next?  Should you take your 30% and head for the hills or should it be pedal to the metal?  Do you have any objective reasons for thinking this way?  What triggers are you using that will tell you that you guessed wrong?

If you want to read what I wrote about this in my intra-week update on Wed March 9 AND receive a special weekend update then you can receive both editions for about the cost of a trade by pasting the code 0312UGAZ into the box below and clicking Pay Now.

NOTE: If you already bought the Wed update you have already been sent the weekend update free of charge with my thanks.  

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