Wednesday, March 9, 2016

If illuminati are so all-powerful, why are the Rothschildren on the run?

Like I wrote would happen during the final days of the global debt Ponzi, the people are finally demanding that the elite finally be called on the carpet for their crimes.  The scary illuminaughty are no more than and have never been more than, the wizard of Oz.  They built a reputation for being so rich and so in control of everything that people just took it for granted.  But it was a con game and it is a con game.  

Lemme ask you something.  If you had supposedly 500 tn USD in wealth, would you try to steal a few billion from retirement funds??  Well, that's what Baron David De Rothschild was indicted for supposedly having done.  IF you had just 1 tn USD you would not risk it or even 20 bn USD.  Does Bill gates need to steal money?  Why is nobody questioning why the elite have stooped to what should be for them, petty crime? 

And so we will soon find out that these elite are more form than function.  Their weapon is not wealth, folks, it is DEBT.  They had access to credit that nobody else did and they treated them like "gift loans" to coin a Japanese con.  I'll be you that it eventually comes out that the baron needed the money he stole in order to keep floating a large amount of debt. 

This is what the people simply don't understand: accepting fake money as if it were real is just a charity for elitist con men and women.  But when the credit collapses and the economic tide goes out we get to see who was skinny dipping.  The fake emperors of this world have no clothes.  Their fake wealth suddenly and inexplicably after all these years can no longer serve as their shield.

These things matter folks because when these con men who built this fake currency system go down, the system they built will not be far behind.  But don't fear it because it is a healing just like going cold turkey from morphine addiction is the path to healing. 

If you don't die of withdrawal symptoms first, of course.

If you are saving money into a government controlled retirement system, just stop.  The tax deferral will never materialize for you and the corporate match, if you get one, is not worth it.  In a liquidity crisis (AKA credit crash), cash is king.  But IOUs on a government controlled account is not cash.  Save your retirement funds in gold and silver coins ignoring the current price.  Do it instead of putting money into stocks (which most people do in a 401k while ignoring the price already!).

Keep an eye peeled for assholes falling from the sky.  It will begin to rain elite soon.

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