Sunday, March 27, 2016

The two most important charts right now.

The two most important charts for making easy money right now are gold and oil.  Both have been beaten up big time over the past few years and both have seen significant rallies of late.    But as usual with the stock market, all that information loses value exponentially with time.  The reason is the same that I have been writing in this blog for years now: drive for show, putt for dough.

A model can look fine right up until the day it is invalidated.  An EW pro will be able to tell you very early on that this has likely occurred.  Someone new to wave counting or who is going by gut feel or especially those who think they can beat the market by watching the news will not have this critical insight.

My subscribers get this information on the areas where I see the most near to medium term profit potential and they get it in a clear and timely manner.  If you miss the next big turn, how much will it cost you?  If you sit through the pullbacks instead of getting out, then again, how much could you have saved?  How much more would you have in your trading account to take up a new scoop at lower prices?

This insight is clearly worth having for any account which is $5000 or greater because the price is only about $10 per week.  That's the price of just one half of a round trip trade per week.  If this seems like the right fit for you, please subscribe using the link above.  You can cancel at any time no questions asked and no reasons needed.

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