Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The battle between crony capatilists is heating up

During the end times of the debt Ponzi we have to understand that the power source which bound the military industrial complex together, i.e. debt based consumption, will rapidly diminish.  These guys didn't naturally all just want to get along together but they knew it was a gravy train and so they all got aboard and rode roughshod over the people, smiling and patting each other on the back as they went.

But now that the credit train is slowing and the middle class is in the toilet, all of these alpha players will be in it to win it for themselves.  They will stop supporting each other and in fact turn on each other.  Trump's real iconoclastic threats are self apparent in this regard.  But now we see big name corporations like AAPL publicly duking it out with the FBI and now vowing to make it even more difficult for big brother to spy on us.  These are unprecedented times in the lives of anyone living and we are just getting started.  The courts will turn on the police, the politicians will turn on the military, etc.  All of a sudden, all of these bastards will suddenly begin to act like they give a shit about the American people.  Know in advance when you see it that they act like this not because they give a shit but rather because they can see the power of the fake money, the Mammon Money known as debt, buying less and less prosperity, less and less influence, less and less power, and less and less control.

Like my other EW based models, my reporting of these events would just be sort of ho hum if reported in real time.  But the fact that these things were predicted in advance suggests, and in odds and not certainties, that my world view is correct in this matter.  And the reason to care about this is that my world view says thing are going to get a lot worse before they can possibly get any better.  We ain't seen bad yet, but it's coming.

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