Thursday, September 22, 2016

Time to buy [SPWR] again.

A few years back I called the exact bottom on SPWR to within a few cents using Elliott waves.  That is a matter of public record in these pages.  But nothing goes straight up or down and so near the peak I abandoned my bullish stance and began talking the stock down.  I was one wave too early with my initial topping call but that was quickly rectified as the stock then went into collapse mode.

Below is the model I gave in my most recent post on SPWR in this blog.  It was from Sept 2015.  As usual, red is my primary count and blue the secondary count.  It expected the high probability of another wave down with a throw under to complete wave 2 or B.

In the recent snapshot below, lime green marks my original bottoming call in these shares and the red arrow marks my topping call.  Well here we are in Sept of 2016 and the market has given us a very nice gift in the form of a deep vee wave 2 or B.

How do I know that this is just a deep pullback in a larger bullish structure?  Well the truth is that nobody knows the future with certainty.  But many of us know the odds in our respective fields.  Does a big game fish guide guarantee you that you will catch fish or even put you on top of the fish?  Not if he's truthful!  Can a big game guide in Africa guarantee you that you will see or get within rifle range of your quarry?  Ask all the rich people who hired them and came home empty handed.

Nobody can guarantee you anything not even your bank, not even the government.  All they can do is tell you the odds.  And there is no doubt that using a pro increases your odds of success.  Well I am here to tell you that I am one of the most experienced Elliott wave counters on the web and my experience tells me that the odds are high that we just saw the bottom of the SPWR collapse @ $7.35.  I have not been talking about this stock because it did not count as finished falling but now it does.

I know there are those of you out that that do not like monthly fees.  I know many of you are trading and not doing very well at it on a regular basis.  Oh sure, you have your successes, but overall it's boom and bust; get lucky and then get screwed.  Sound about right?  If you had been subscribed to my service in just the past 5 days you would have made a ton more than my monthly fee of $39.95.  So buy the first 3 wave dip you get in SPRW, probably down at the $8 level.  If it cannot hold that level then look for one more wave down fast and hard to close the gap at $6.19 you see in the chart above just to the right of the lime green arrow and then buy that.

If you do well with this trade, don't be selfish.  Share a bit of joy with the guy who pointed you to it.  And do consider my monthly Elliott wave charting service. Its the only service I know of that costs you money not to have.

Sign up today and I will send you a detailed wave count of the SPWR chart which explains why the odds are so high that we will not likely see a lower low that the 2013 low.  And if you are still reluctant to sign up for a monthly service, click on the Custom Analysis logo in the right hand panel above and request SPWR for $20.  This could give you the confidence to bet big on something that is likely to be a big winner.

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