Saturday, September 17, 2016

German bank defies US penalty assessment

Long time reader Augustine pointed me to the very interesting latest evidence point that shows there is growing trouble in the organized criminal network known as New World Order.  In today's installment, an edict for payment of a $14 billion  penalty passed from on high by the US Eye of Horus at the top of the pyramid down to Deutsche Bank has not only been rejected by the leaders of that major Germopean bank, but publicly so.  This is just something that you don't do.  If you want to risk telling the Godfather that you are not going to pay you should do it in quiet, in secret.  And then you hope he doesn't kill you for it.

That is, until the global mafioso cartel known as big one world government begins to fall apart.  Then and only then should you expect to see open defiance like Deutsche Bank is showing.  Why is Augustine reporting this?  Simply because he knows that this is one of the signs to be looking for that the exponential collapse of the great global debt Ponzi has begun.

That does not mean it certainly has begun!  It simply means that we should expect signs like these as first evidence that it has begun.  We need to see confirmation in the form of a spiraling public fight between top boss and capo lt.  We need to see the Godfather of Mammon Money (AKA the USA AKA the whore of Babylon) make threats for noncompliance such as cutting Deutsche Bank off from the US controlled international money settlement system known as SWIFT.  We need to see the German government come out of the shadows and join the fray as well.  Without major confirmations like this we will have to assume that the infighting of the criminal government money elite has not reached the boiling point.  But these things have a habit of happening with exponential speed when they do happen.

What the US DOJ is doing here is more than simply attacking one bank.  The magnitude of the attack on a monster foreign bank which is systemically important to the economy of a major European nation is tantamount to an attack on that country and in fact an attack on all big banks in the Eurozone. 

Read the article!  The fine being levied is "almost equal to" the bank's market cap.  This is no mere hand slap!  As a result the bank's shares tanked another 8% on Friday.  Many German citizens have foolishly stored their retirement money in the shares of D.B.  So they will certainly see a US attack on D.B. as an attack on their retirement.  What started out as US versus D.B. will certainly turn into US vs Germany when their frightened people cry for their dumb ass politicians to "do something".

If D. B. is made to pay, what large foreign bank is safe?  If the market perceives the banks as not being safe from US attack, might the market not lose confidence?  The US better be careful; it could be setting off a chain of events that is far bigger than it understands (AKA, "the miscalculation").

This one bears watching closely.

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